Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chrysler Town & Country Touring Edition Radiator Leak

2006 Chrysler Town & Country Touring Edition . Radiator is losing fluid, but it's not overheating.
Its leaking towards drain plug area.

Radiator Fluid Leak

Loosing Radiator Fluid

Radiator Fluid leaking

Vehicle Details:

Year: 2006
Make: Chrysler
Model: Town & Country Touring Edition
Engine: 3.8l; 6 cyl

Expert's Reply:

A car radiator leaks because either the radiator hose is punctured or the radiator drain plug O-ring is damaged.

As per the problem mentioned it's definitely possible that the drain plug could be leaking. The plug is plastic and it should have two O rings on it. Design will vary a little bit if the van has had a replacement radiator at some point, but either way it should have at least one O ring, usually two. 

Any other possibilities other then faulty drain plug?

It's not unlikely that the plug is leaking but there are other things in the area that can leak too. The upper radiator hose is on that side, and although it's higher, it could leak down to the drain plug area. If the radiator side tank seal or the radiator itself was leaking it could also be wet in the same area.

Why Coolant is Seen Leaking?
If the plug was leaking the coolant would be coming out from around it or from the small drain tube directly under it. If that's where it is coming from and the other areas look ok then go ahead and drain the coolant and remove the plug.

Any more Details About Drain Plug Replacement?

Please Note:

You should turn off the engine of your car and wait until the engine cools down completely before you can work on its cooling system.

The plug is plastic and sometimes the threads no longer hold it tight enough to seal. You may find the threads on it are damaged when it is removed. 
If you take the plug to a parts store or dealer they'll be able to get you a replacement plug or replacement O rings. The most common thing to do would be to replace the entire plug, which is only a few dollars. I've tried to match up O rings in the past to just replace the rings and not the plugs, and the O rings are often slightly bigger or smaller than the ones you can buy in bulk. 

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