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2004 pt cruiser Oil Pump Replacement

How To replace Oil Pump

Chrysler Oil pump Removal Procedure.

Is Changing oil pump on 2004 pt cruiser a big project and roughly how much time its a 2.4 L.

Vehicle Details:

Make: Chrysler
Model: P T Cruiser
Year: 2004
Engine: 2.4 L

chrysler cruiser oil pump
Expert's Reply:

Oil Pump Replacing Difficulty:

Replacing the oil pump on a 2.4 is a bit more involved than some engines because of it's location.
The oil pump on a 2.4, like many other modern engines, runs off the snout of the crankshaft rather than being located under the crankshaft area.

How To Replace Oil Pump:
To replace the oil pump you have to remove the timing covers and the timing belt, which isn't all that complicated but can be a little time consuming. The oil pan will need to be removed to get the pump pickup tube off, the crank sprocket is removed, and then the oil pump can be removed from the front of the engine.

Approx Time To Replace Oil Pump:
Replacing the oil pump on your car calls for 5.3 hours of labor. A technician working on a hoist and with all the necessary tools can do it in about this time or a little less. If you don't have a hoist, possibly not a large selection of tools and have never done the job before then it will take you longer than this. If you've never done this sort of job before then it will probably take you the better part of a weekend day.

Tips To Make Oil Pump Replacing Easy:

  • Before going through the trouble of replacing the pump I would recommend removing the oil pan and checking the pump pickup for restriction. 
  • If there is sludge or foreign debris buildup in the pump pickup it will restrict flow to the pump and cause lack of oil pressure. 
  • Also make sure there is no oil in the oil sender connector. Often when these senders fail they will leak oil into the connector and it will cause the light to keep coming on after the sender is replaced. 
  • You may not have an actual oil pressure problem, you may still be fighting the effects of the sender.

Any Important Note:

Before replacing the oil pump or going into the engine it would be a good idea to check oil pressure with an actual gauge to make sure it is really low and not an electrical issue turning the light on.


How do you know if it's a bad pump or sending unit?

2004 PT Cruiser Turbo oil pressure light is coming on and off when sitting at a stoplight after the car is warm.

Is that the oil pressure sensor or the oil pump going bad?

Solution for this issue:

On Pt Chrysler cruiser car models its most likely the sending unit, since the ones Chrysler used as OEM were pretty crappy and are known to fail before they should.Many others also noticed the same problem.

But before you get the sending unit replaced, lets check a couple basics.

  • First, make sure the oil level is full.
  • Next, make sure the oil that went in at the last oil change is whats specified for your car, that's very important with a turbo. 
  • Third, check for oil leaks. Also was the oil filter was changed at the last oil change too.

Now if all those are ok, then its time to inspect the sending unit.
For that remove the sender and put in a oil pressure gauge.
If the reading is near specified reading then, its suggested to replace the sending unit. But if its still low with a gauge installed, your most likely looking at a oil pump.

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