Sunday, March 17, 2013

2007 dodge ram 2500: Electrical Issues

Electrical Problem Noticed On Dodge Ram

I have a 2007 dodge ram 2500 6.7 diesel and the

Problem 1 
Security system got tripped and wouldnt start.

Problem 2:
While trying to reset system security problem,
I tripped something in the truck that cause me to loose my speedometer odometer all dash warning lights fuel gauge all head light and cab light functions and everything on the multifunction switch for the wipers and turnsignals. The truck runs fine regardless of the other problem.

Vehicle Details:

Country: United States
Make: Dodge
Model: RAM 2500 4x4
Year: 2007
Engine: 6.7 turbo diesel.

To Troubleshoot the problem read the details here:

Please make sure you have voltmeter and test light ready,because you will need to start with basic testing.

Let's start at the fuse box since it's easiest. Turn the key on and ground the black meter lead, set the meter to 20v DC. Use the red lead to touch each of the two open terminals on top of fuse 2 and see if one, two, or no terminals have battery voltage.

Double check fuse 11 while you're there.

Fuse 35 is in a black plastic holder that allows it to be popped out but remain in position for quick re-installation  Use a small screwdriver or pick to open the small door on top the fuse holder and check this one just like you did number 2.

Make sure while testing you leave the fuses in  and just touch to the top test points? fuse #35 may or may  not in a holder its just a 10amp fuse. All fuses should read 12.2 both sides (2,11,35).

If you get proper power there then 

You need to pull the instrument cluster out next then. Remove the upper steering column shroud, the trim around the cluster and then the cluster itself.

In connector 1 there will be three solid red wires. Make sure all three of these have power. The black, black/light blue and black/light green wires should all be grounded.

Connector 3, pin 26 is a gray/red wire and it should have power. Pin 23 is a pink/white wire and it should have power with the key on.

Connector 1 is the furthest to the truck's right, connector 2 is center and 3 is toward the truck's left.

The gray/red and pink/white wires in connector 3 did have battery voltage also?

If those are ok let's check the bus wires. Set the meter back to 20v DC and turn the key on, check the voltage on the white and the white/orange wires in connector 3.