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Vegetable freezing in vegetable drawer of my lg bottom freezer refrigerator?

There are many other users facing this same exact problem:-------------The possibilities that can cause this problem are faulty damper,faulty damper motor,faulty vegetable bins,faulty ice maker.Cracked vegetable drawer.But the exact cause for this problem,is still not discovered,the LG service center,still is not able to find the fault.They replace part,on every repair call and out of this mentioned part,any of the one solves the issue,but its just temporary solution.The permanent solution is still not provided by lg.It seems that some of the lg model refrigerators are company factory defect.There are many other facing this problem.The comment from other users facing the same problem is as follows:-----

We purchased a Sear Kenmore refrigerator made by LG October, 2006. It is model#79577572600 with the French doors and freezer on the bottom. It has been repaired 6 times and scheduled for a 7th time. The ice maker was replaced, the control board 3 times, the deli drawer broke and last time all the sensors were replaced because the vegetable drawers were freezing everything. Now it is at 28 degrees again. I spoke to Sears repair and asked for Customer Service. Customer Service informs me that they will not compensate us in any way because we did not purchase an extended warranty. (That is the one they try to sell you because you are buying an inferior product). She told me I could contact LG, but I was probably wasting my time. She gave me two phone numbers, neither of which were correct. There doesn't seem to be any numbers online so we are stuck. I can only assume they plan it that way. I want the refrigerator repaired properly for good or a replacement. My Frigadaire in the garage is still going strong after 15 years. The first repair was a new thermostat two weeks ago.


I purchased a LG 3 dr refigerator in 7/06 @ Home Depot with an extended warranty. the energy efficiency was missrepresented so LG sent a repair man to install DOE rework kit in 8/06. 3/09 the ice maker became frozen, the latch was broken & there was ice in the vegetable bins..new installation was put around the doors & the veg bin drawers were replaced in 7/09 2010. everthing in veg bins freeze. I have thrown more food away because it is not edible..Assurant has sent out service people to fix the problem..so far they have replaced all the grills, fans, multi duck, veg trays & both Main Boards in ref. & freezer. So, now that it still isn't fixed they tell me they can order trays to put under the veg bins & cut some wires in the Main Board & that should bring the temp down 6 degrees. I said "ARE YOU KIDDING ME". on MAY 26 A&E Factory service sent a tech to my home. his notes say: Unit has multiple part repairs unit is not repairable talk to STAC, unit needs to replaced by Home Depot. The tech said I could just take the print out he gave me with all the info & get a new refrig. I went to Home Depot. Big joke! They tell me that
Home Depots claims department has to approve the claim.

I started calling Assurant & A&E. I have spoken with 25 different people. (I have their names & date I spoke with them) I've had 3 way conversation with some all promising to solve my problem. I have faxed the info the tech from A&E gave me to a John S. (Customer Relations) @ Assurant. he now is telling me that LG is responsible for replacing my frig because it's a non-issue? factory defect (LEMON). I am now talking with Stan from LG who is saying since I have a extended warranty, Assurant should replace it. They are in a standoff. I've decided to buy a new refrigerator. My husband has terminal cancer & I don't need all this extra stress. All I want is refrigerator that works.


I purchased an LG French door refrigerator form Home Depot, Charleston, SC on Aug. 18, 2007. I have had nothing but problems with it from the very beginning, and though LG tried to fix the problems the same ones occur. LG did give me a 6 mos. extended warranty. They have sent several different repair services out but nothing has been corrected. When first bought the refrigerator was set in place - a few days later I wanted to pull it out and there was no way I could budge it. The walls had expanded! When I called LG they said that happens! What! The cabinet had to be re-fitted (mind you, I bought the cabinets at the same time from Home Depot, so measurements were taken for correct installation.

Vegetables continue to freeze in the crisper; the new icemaker (the original went bad and was replaced) has stopped working.

Now LG tells me they lost the paperwork showing I purchased this unit. Needless to say I was speechless - for a moment - they said they could not do anything unless I could prove I bought the unit. I said I will e-mail an attachment to you - I did, together with a copy of their extended warranty -one of their reps called me the next day to say she had received the attachments, but they could not accept the "bill of lading" showing the unit had been delived - they wanted the receipt. I am now going through my files to find the receipt - I told the service rep that I would never give out my credit card number to a rep - and she should call Home Depot and request the info. She did; called me back; I can only get the copy of the original receipt by going to Home Depot in person - which I will do as soon as they call me back -

I never thought I would be put through so much red tape over the purchase of a well advertised LG product. Needless to say I will never purchase anything made by that company.

I am looking to join a class action lawsuit against LG if there is one pending

I will continue my fight to get justice in my situation.


We bought our LG Refrigerator 10/26/2007. Because of freezing everything in my refrigerator. I have spent over $900.00 between the first year and the second year on repairs, none of which LG would reimburse. Therefore I will never buy another LG appliance and will advise others not to buy a LG appliance. I would like to know if the Unified Commercial Code(UCC) warranty applies. Usually is in effect for 4 years in most states. Would this apply to LG Appliances? I agree with Pat of Emeryville, CA- "It is time for a class action suit. (After the hundreds of complaints.)" Since LG will not stand behind their products. As I write this the vegetables are again re-freezing in the drawer.


LG replaced refrigerator after 11 months of non-working icemaker and freezing of vegetable. when installation company came to install refrigerator the front doors of the unit were mis-aligned. I asked them to readjust them and they said they could not. I would have to call a repair service company to do it. This is just another example of LG's inadequate customer service.


We purchased a LG French Door Freezer on the bottom refrigerator two years ago. We had trouble from the start and were told that all of our problems were our fault. Such as the vegetables freezing etc. They did service it and replace some parts but it still has the same problems.

HHGreg also provided no support after the purchase. We should have returned it.

We have had strange noises, jamed ice maker, plastic parts breaking, and now that its past warenty the nice folks at LG say file a law suit. As US makers and stores flee to cheap labor nations, we get lousy products and people without jobs. I will never by an LG anything again. The posts on this site are like a stroll down LG memory lane. Life is Good if you are an LG CEO, but us spoiled food and food poisoning.


I purchased an LG French Door Refrigerator in May 2008. Within the first two months, the vegetable bins cracked. They were replaced by LG. Recently, the freezer motor has started making a strange noise. But nothing compares to:

The seal on the water line on the refrigerator for the water and ice failed.

COMMENT 8:----

I actually bought an LG double door refrigerator about 8 months back.
From the time I bought this problem persists but because of my two kids I did not have time to complain.

The problem is in the freezer zone there is accumulation of ice like in the typical old refrigerators and in the refrigerator zone the vegetables get burnt, they become hard like ice and there is accumulation of ice on top of the vegetables. In short, there is over cooling taking place and as a result vegetables, green leaves, etc get rotten in 2-3 days time even when the knob is kept at a minimum.


I bought an LG Refrigerator (two door, freezer bottom) and after about one month into owning it, the water dispenser stopped working. After a couple of weeks of not being able to use the new fridge, the whole panel had to be replaced because it was deemed not fixable. A couple of months after that, I opened the crisper drawer to take out some vegetables and the tracking on the side snapped. A couple of months after THAT the right door started to open when you close the the left. It seems the hook at the top of the door that maintains it closed had broken. The door is to be fixed soon, but apparently the tracking doesn't seem to be covered under the FIVE year warranty. So in conclusion, I live in a house with no children and hardly any visitors yet it seems that I have a fridge that cannot handle the minimal wear and tear that my wife and I put on it. I will NEVER buy anything LG again and advise anyone else that is thinking about it to think twice.

COMMENT 10:---

Kelly of North Mankato MN (01/03/09)We have had the melting, burning light fixture issue and the frozen vegetables problem in our LG refrigerator. LG is repairing our unit but a couple of days ago, we got a letter from LG regarding their French Door refrigerators and issues with energy efficiency. The letter included a check for $76, a promise to retrofit the refrigerator and compensation for 14 years for the energy efficiency issue. The letter also states that if you sign the check, you can not hold them responsible for anything. Has everyone received this AND does anyone know of a class action lawsuit? I don't want to cash the check or do anything until I figure out if there is something else that can be done on a bigger scale that will help all of us impacted. It seems that at the very least - we should all have our refrigerators replaced but I am not sure who to consult.The inside of our refrigerator was smoking, the light fixture was melted, all the food was hot to the touch. We narrowly avoided a fire in our kitchen. We cannot store produce in our unit without it freezing.

COMMENT 11:---

Connie of Spokane WA (07/11/08)Model #LFX2590ST Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. We purchased an LG French Door Refrigerator at the end of May 2006 because we moved into a new house. I have never had a functioning ice maker; it always goes out. Also, fruits and vegetables freeze in the two bottom drawers. I have called LG and had the ice maker replaced twice, but LG was not very interested in my problem. The were not very helpful and insinuated that the fault was mine. They, LG, won't help me any longer because it is out of warranty. I hate this refrigerator. I need to replace the ice maker, but I really don't have the money to repair only to have it go out again. I have never had a problem with a refrigerator before and I told them this and their reply was Well, you should have bought the extended warranty! Do not buy anything that is made by LG!I the ice melted and warped our hardwood floors. We are dealing with replacing the ice maker again and it will cost about $300 for parts and labor.

COMMENT 12:---

I purchased LG French door refrigerator, model # LRFC25750ST in late Nov., '05. Within 3 months, the large (cheese) bin drawer wouldn't close and had to be replaced, which was under warranty. Soon after, plastic pieces on the vegetable bins cracked off. The drawer isn't stable now without the plastic supports. The bins are all of the cheapest quality of plastic and I don't expect them to hold up long.Within less than a year, I noticed that the bottom freezer was frosting up, but thought that the door wasn't being shut all the way. Items put on the top tray of the door began defrosting, melting through to the floor. The ice then got so bad everywhere that I couldn't pull anything out of the freezer as items had iced together. By now, I was out of warranty, and LG wouldn't pay for any parts, let alone labor.

The repairman charged $58.44 to troubleshoot the problem. I was told to clear everything out of the refrigerator and turn it off so it can defrost (25 cu. ft). I ordered from LG a heater assembly, freezer rails, main control board and a door gasket for $201.08. When the repairman came out for the second time, we found after 1.5 hours that wrong parts had been sent from LG. Another call to LG: the person explained to me that they have parts labeled A,B,and C. A parts are exact replacements, but since they didn't have them, they sent us "B" parts, which they HOPE might fit; they didn't. So, back to LG, who agreed to overnight new parts. However, I had to pay for the second set as well, and once I return the first ones, they will reimburse me (I hope)for the first set. I am waiting again today for the repairman, however, it's Friday and he doesn't know if he can get here today. This will mean another service call, another payment of goodness knows how much yet. I am hoping that the parts are correct this time.

I decided to look up LG refrigerator recalls this morning to see if my problem is on a list. It isn't, but I did find there is a recall for the main motor in the back of the unit, which can overheat, smoke, and cause a fire. I was not notified of this recall & potential hazard. LG has set an appointment a month from now to come fix the problem. I hope I don't have to empty my refrigerator again, however, it will still be another inconvenience of someone having to be home "between the hours of 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon" and sit until the repairs have been completed.

I am sorely disappointed in the quality of this LG refrigerator, and not happy with LG's responses. A refrigerator is something that consumers absolutely depend upon on a daily basis for survival. They should be more eager to maintain their base of customer support. I will not be buying any LG products in the future. I am sorely disappointed in the quality of LG.

COMMENT 13:---

Jeannie of Hernando Beach, FL (05/20/08)I took the time to complain earlier on this site so I should follow through with some repair info that might be some help to someone. The upper compartment on my 3-Door was freezing the vegetable crispers contenents. After 3 different repair men the third time, today, seemed to be the most promising. If your repairman does not immediately check the temperature of both compartments...the upper and lower in my case( the freezer) be suspect! The other two never checked the temperature after telling them of a freezing problem. This repair fellow had an electronic (instant) reader and knew it was a temperature sensor problem. He took off the cover of both sensors...one in the main section and one in the freezer and found the sensors were still encased in the foam at manufacture time. They need to be taken down/out from the foam because of course they are sensing a far warmer temperature in the foam (about 43 degrees the repairmean said). So my unit has been trying to cool and freeze constantly since I bought it a year ago. The temperature in the crispers was 23 degrees and the freezer was -11...thus the freezing issue in the main part of the refrigerator. This repairman said the manufacturer found out about this problem 6 months ago.


James of La Mesa CA (04/27/08)We purchased a LG LRFD2580ST Refrigerator in 12/05 from Home Depot. Just over a year, the three vegetable/meat drawers broke. The are made of cheap plastic. I attempted to have my extended warranty cover it. However, they said they only cover moving parts, such as the motor. When I explained that the drawers are moving parts, they said they do not qualify. LG said the drawers are moving parts and our extended warranty should cover the replacement. To no avail I a stuck with three broken drawers. I will never buy an LG appliance again.The Parts are approximately $200 Plus Labor.

COMMENT 15:---
Michel of Bruner MO (10/26/07)My husband and I bought new appliances for our new house in Oct. 2006. I purchased all Maytag appliances except for an LG refrigerator. The sales person told me that the Maytag that matched our other appliances, had several recalls. She said that the LG had the same features. HAH!! I have a french door refrigerator with a bottom freezer and ice in the refrigerator door. My refrigerator freezes my vegetables in the bins. I had the bins replaced in January of 2007 and the same thing happened again. I called the company I bought it from and another service company came to the house in July. I have had 3 house calls from this company and they are told by LG that another part needs to be replaced each time. I have had the main board replaced and now I am supposed to have a seal on the freezer section replaced. I am very disappointed with this refrigerator. I will NEVER own another LG refrigerator!!!I have had to throw out lots of food that froze even on the shelves on top the food freezes.

COMMENT 16:---
Linda of Channelview TX (08/24/07)I bought an $1800 LG refrigerator from Home Depot in January 2006. In July of 2007 the icemaker stopped working, I discovered ice buildup on the back wall of the freezer and some of my vegetables were freezing. LG had me to turn up the fridge and the freezer and gave me a half dozen numbers to call for service. After about 2 weeks of runaround, being hung up on, promises of service, the bottom line turned out to be that no one would come to my area for service or they no longer worked on LG appliances. I live about 5 miles from the Home Depot that I bought the fridge from. Home Depot says call LG and LG says call Home Depot. I called all local repair services and got nowhere. Finally was told by Home Depot to go online to find someone. Neither Home Depot nor LG could do a thing to help me. If my fridge was under warranty, it would be a different story. Home Depot could send a tech.

COMMENT 17:---
I had same problem with my LG bottom refrigerator,the vegetables in the drawer getting friezed.So i called the lg service center.They mentioned that my product was out of warranty,so i called home depot,they send the lg executive executive tech to my UK residence.I asked the tech about this issue and he mentioned that its a company defect product,but since the product is out of warranty.i cannot do much.I asked if,you can get my problem solved,i will pay you personally,He told ,in that case,he will replace all the possibilities and solve my problem.He replaced every thing from board to damper and my problem was solved.The total cost was near to $2000.I asked him for discount,as he was working personally for me and he gave me 50% discount on it.But after few months the problem is back.I re called him and from since then , he is not attending by calls..I will complain against him.Dont buy lg products.Or at-least research before buying lg products.