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How to fix the stuck seat belt on Toyota corolla car?

Things You Will Need

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers

Steps To Follow

Step One

The first and foremost step is to try tugging on the seat belt in order to relieve it of its position from the auto lock function. If the seat belt is already buckled in then all you need to do is release it from the cartridge and gently pull it away from the seat. After you have correctly unleashed the seat belt, let it slide back into its place. If this does not seem to happen in a normal manner and you find yourself looking at a dangling seat belt, there is no need to panic, the seat belt is either tangled or there is a congestion situated deep within the mechanism.

Step Two

If you find yourself wrapped in the predicament stated above, then you have to break out the tools and get to work. The next step will require a bit of force. Use a screwdriver or needle nose pliers to force off the plastic covers enclosed around the seat belt mechanism and closely analyze the dilemma enforced upon you by the exposed belt loop. If the seat belt is situated in the back seat, you will need to pull the seats down in order to get a better look. If you still can’t seem to find the seat belt mechanism, try looking under the trunk’s floor layer.

Step Three

When you have successfully uncovered the remains of your protective seat belt cover, simply pull it out completely and try to untangle it. This will require a lot of patience and hard work as relieving an intertwined seat belt can be a tedious task.

Step Four

Untangle the seat belt of any knots and kinks. If you notice that there is any object entangled in the seat belt, use your fingers or the needle nose pliers to efficiently remove the obstacle.

Step Five

Place the seat belt in a systematic manner and allow the seat belt to roll into place. Test the belt several times to make sure that it moves smoothly back and forth. Once everything seems to be working with optimum efficiency, replace the sheet covers and pull the seat back up into its original position.

With these five easy steps you'll be prepared and know how to fix a stuck seat belt.

How to Replace the Seatbelts on a Toyota Corolla

  • Follow the harness side of your seatbelt (this is the side you pull across your shoulder and lap to connect to the anchor side) to the points where it connects to the car frame.

  • Using a flat head and Phillips screwdriver, unscrew and pry off any plastic housing that is covering the bolt connections. Select a socket that will fit the bolt and attach the wrench to the bolt.

  • Feel underneath the car for the other end of the seatbelt bolt. Fit a box wrench to the nut and hold it still while unscrewing the bolt with the socket wrench inside the car.

  • Unbolt the shoulder attachment of the harness with a socket wrench. Remove the harness side seatbelt from your Toyota Corolla.

  • Install the new harness side seatbelt by reversing the removal steps, however, make sure to use the new hardware provided with your replacement belt.

  • Feel down at the bottom of the anchor side of your old seatbelt. There will be one bolt and nut attaching it to the bottom of the car. Remove the bolt using a socket and box wrench.

  • Install the replacement anchor side. Before you tighten the bolt, connect the seatbelt and make sure that you have the anchor side facing the correct direction to receive the harness. When it is right, tighten the bolt.


    It's easy to get it out..a bit harder to get everything back together again ( ask Bikeman about that ) :D

    If you have side airbags, disconnect the neg. terminal from the battery and wait 5 minutes.

    There's a plastic 'rivet' in the pillar facing outward. This is the only fastener holding the bottem plastic panel onto the the steel pillar. You can get to it from the rear driver side door.


    Just pry it out with a flathead screwdriver, or just cut it with a utility knife just under the head. Usually they break. Just get a new one at an auto parts store. Slowly work the panel away from around the pillar. I find its easiest to remove the panel from the front ( drivers door ) first. Its a tight fit, and will require some prying to put it back around the pillar when you're done.

    They usually have lugs underneath at the bottom that snap into the thresholds of the front and rear doors. After its out, you can see the retractor assembly at the bottom of the door pillar. Only 1 or 2 big 12mm bolts holding in on, and one electrical connector. Repair or replace.


    Right click on the image and select option "open image in new web" if the image is not seen full or its very small to see.-----------

    Right click on the image and select option "open image in new web" if the image is not seen full or its very small to see.-----------

    For more help try this:---------

    ocate the seat belt retractor and seat belt.
    6426Photo may not be specific to your vehicle
    Remove the retractor cover mounting screws. Remove the cover.
    Remove the retaining bolt holding the retractor to its mounting point.
    Remove the adjuster cover to access the upper adjuster bolt.
    Remove the adjuster or mounting bolt and pull the shoulder belt off.
    Remove the lower lap belt mounting bolt and remove the seat belt and retractor assembly.
    6424Photo may not be specific to your vehicle
    Compare the new seat belt and retractor to the old one to make sure it is correct.
    Install the new seat belt and retractor. Reinstall the retractor cover. Tighten the bolts to manufacture recommendation.
    Install the adjuster mount bolt.
    Install the adjuster cover.
    Test seat belt for proper operation.


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