Friday, March 25, 2011

how to remove the clutch on a kenmore 70 series washing machine?

Replacing the Clutch

  • Before removing the transmission, it may help to place the washer back against a wall or other hard surface and to take off the bottom panel. The process allows for easier removal of the bolts attaching the transmission to the tub and brake support. After disengaging the two spring clips keeping the pump attached to the motor, the pump is able to be slid off the motor shaft. Taking off the one or two motor harnesses and removing the three transmission bolts permits the transmission to be pulled down and out and the clutch to be removed and replaced. By replacing the clutch, the washer should once again be able to adjust gradually to a suitable rate of spin, speed and force no matter what size laundry load is spinning in the washer.


    Remove the agitator, remove the pump, remove the engine, and remove the three bolts that hold the transmission to the tub. The transmission comes down about an inch and half but will not slide out any further, make it impossible for me to access the clutch.
    And to do this I should...

    1. Use a 2x4/hammer to knock out the agitator shaft
    2. clean the shaft up where the seals ride
    3. remove the spanner nut - with a spanner wrench
    4. Get spin basket out
    5. Replace the basket drive block
    6. Clean the scum buildup off

    To see how the internal part looks.Please click on the link below:----------