Sunday, March 20, 2011

The reset procedure for 2003 saturn vue service light is on?

  • Open the driver side door. Under the dash, on the left-hand wall, there will be a lever. This lever will have a picture of a car with its hood up. Pull this lever toward you till you hear the hood pop. Walk in front of the Vue so that you are looking at the front of the car. Put your hand under the direct center of the hood. You will feel a piece of steel. Follow this piece of steel up toward the hood and you will feel the secondary hood release. Push the lever toward the hood and life the hood up. Grasp the hood prop rod that is stored directly next to the hood release, and put it in the prop rod spot. This is a spot on the left hand side of the hood's underside which specificly says "prop rod" with an arrow pointing to where it is.

  • Open the hood. You will notice there is a large black box on the right-hand side directly behind the battery. This black box is the fuse box. Pull the top of the fuse box off. There are two clips on either side; once you pop one side, the other comes off very easily. In the top left-hand side of the fuse box where all the fuses sit, you will see a large orange/red block. Below this block is a button that says "reset." Press this button for 5 seconds.

  • Turn the car on and wait for a minute. If the light does not go on, turn off the car and set the key to ACC on the key ring. Push the reset button again, holding it for a total of 15 seconds. Turn the key to off, take out the key, return the key and start the car again. Allow the car to run for 2 full minutes. It is taking the system a few minutes to register that this button has been pressed.


    If you get your face close to the clips, you can see how to release the clips easily.
    Do not pull the lever too hard or you could break it.


    If that is not helping, then its internal fault with the computer or electrical system of the vehicle or fault related to transmission.For this the computer needs to be scanned.That will point towards the exact faulty part causing this.

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