Saturday, March 26, 2011

how to remove rear bumper cover on a Taurus 4 door seden?

  • First Steps - Both Bumpers

    • Disconnect the car's negative battery cable.

    • Raise the front or the rear end of the car--whichever end has the bumper you are removing--and support it on jack stands. Raising the entire car woks best as it will give you the most clearance. Remove both wheels for the appropriate end.

    • Disconnect the electrical connectors for the lights on the corresponding end of the car. These connectors should be located behind the bumper.

    Front Bumper

    • Open the hood and remove the headlights by removing each lamp's bolt near the grille opening and prying up the retaining rods at the outboard end. Remove the screws within the headlight opening that connect the bumper to the fender.

    • Remove the radiator air deflector underneath the car. If the Taurus has fog lights installed, disconnect their electrical connectors.

    • Remove both of the inner fender liners by removing the screw at the radiator air deflector, the screw at the top center of the fender liner, the four plastic push pins (use a small screwdriver and needle-nose pliers), the screws attaching it to the fender and the rocker panel molding (remove the molding's push pins).

    • Unscrew the nuts attaching the bumper cover to the fender with a wrench, followed by the five bolts securing it to the radiator support and the push pins securing the grille and the bumper cover to the grille opening. Slide the bumper cover forward--you'll need another person's help--to remove it from the car.

    • Position the bumper cover on the car with your assistant's help. Attach all the fasteners in the reverse order of removal.

    • Re-connect the lights and all other parts in the reverse order of removal.

    Rear Bumper

    • Detach the fuel filler overflow hose from the bumper cover, which is located within the right side wheel well opening; this will likely require pliers to loosen the hose clamp. Remove the screws and nut connecting the bumper cover to the splash shield and quarter panel, then remove the similar screws and nut in the left-side wheel well opening.

    • Pry up the push pins along the bumper cover's lower edge using a small screwdriver; there are 10 of them. Remove the pins with needle-nose pliers.

    • Open the trunk and remove the scuff plate and the trim panels on the right and left side.

    • Disconnect the nuts attaching the bumper cover to the car body; there are six to eight of them depending on the year of the car. Slide the bumper cover away from the car with an assistant's help.

    • Position the bumper on the car and re-connect the mounting nuts and the push pins.

    • Re-connect all components in the reverse order of removal, including the electrical connectors for the lights.


    Open the trunk of the Taurus. Pull up the carpet just along the rear edge. The carpet is attached by two plastic clips that pop out when you pull up on the carpet. Locate the row of Phillips screws along the rear edge, just inside the truck. Remove these screws.

  • Remove the row of three Phillips screws located under the bumper at each end of the bumper. Locate the row of plastic clips along the bottom of the rear bumper. Pop these clips out by pulling them away from the bumper.

  • Position yourself underneath the bumper and locate the three bolts near the top of the back of the bumper. Remove the three bolts with a ratchet and 10mm socket. Pull the bumper off the Taurus.


  • Look behind the rear tires and locate the row of Phillips screws along the edge of the rear bumper, facing the tires. Remove these screws from both the left and right side of the Taurus.

  • Open the trunk and lift up the carpet lining from the back edge of the floor. The carpet is held in place by black plastic clips that can be popped out by pulling on the carpet or using a flat-head screwdriver to pry them up. Fold the carpet back and locate the row of four bolts in the trunk floor that connect to the bumper. Remove these bolts with a ratchet and 10-mm socket.

  • Remove the license plate from the rear of the car. Behind the license place are two 10-mm bolts that are holding the top of the rear bumper in place. Remove these bolts and pull the bumper off the Taurus.

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