Tuesday, March 1, 2011

KM C450 IC-402 problems and solutions?


Scan-to-SMB troubles KM C450 w/ IC-402 controller


I have a Konica Minolta C450 w/ IC-402 Fiery.
Firmware K0-000 in the C450 and Level 2 in the Fiery.

I am encountering a strange problem scanning-to-smb with the Fiery controller attached to the copier. Scan to SMB fails when scanning to a Apple OS X and/or linux/samba shares. The copier appears to transmitt the scan job, but the job does not end up in the destination. Strangely enough, no error is displayed in the scanner job history log (simply displays: "Result: Job Complete".) Scan to SMB does work properly connecting to a Windows XP host.

Out of curiousity today I disconnected the Fiery controller from the copier (unplugged the ethernet jumper, video interface cable and switched back to image controller 0). With the Fiery disconnected scan-to-smb works perfectly on all destinations (Apple, Windows & Linux).
From this test I believe the Fiery is somehow interfering with the scan-to-smb data that passes though it. Are there any patches available for the Fiery controller to correct this problem?

I would greatly appreciate any feedback or advice.


If you can, try and browse to the folder on the mac from your windows workstation (start->run->\\computername\) just to verify you are able to connect and what share permissions issue it might be having. This will also verify that SMB is enabled on the mac.
I've had this issue before with the fiery, it will show the job going through even though it doesn't, and it won't kick back an error message to show the job has failed.

I verified I can access the SMB shares from my computer.The fact that scan-to-smb works with the Fiery disconnected makes me curious. How did you resolve this problem? Is there some update or patch applicable to the Fiery?

The Fiery will interfere with scan to SMB.

It comes with the Fiery Remote Scan utility so you can use it for this purpose. It can be used as a TWAIN scan through this software as well.

The 2-way communication protocol will be different depending on the MC OS, this has become an issue with each update in OSX.

With Fiery Remote Scan, you actually scan to folder on the Fiery HD and then retrieve from your Mac via the software.
On the production MFPs (BizhubPro) this feature is actually not available at all because of the external RIPs.

Put a switch and connect both the fiery and emperon. Use the fiery(static ip) for printing and the emperon(dhcp) for scanning only. Plus scanning with the emperon will give you greater flexibility and better compression. This is how I have my newer fiery's with the emperon.
You cannot run botH at the same time on the C450.
That is an option available only on the newer line of MFPs.
You can either run Empron OR Fiery on the C450.
You should be able to scan to smb with the fiery attached. Two other things to test,
1) try setting up a share folder on your windows computer and scanning to that.
2) Make sure you can write to the mac shared folder from your pc by creating a text document to make sure write permission is on. Note the user name and password and also the exact path you used to access the folder.

I have basically the same problem with a C351. It is equipped with an IC-402. It is connected to (4) workstations, (3 XP sp3, 1 Vista 64). The copier scans perfectly to two of the workstations, the other two (one being vista), does not scan. The copier displays the scan complete regardless of the actual status. I could input a bogus address and it would still show "scan complete". I was told that when It goes through the fiery that the fiery shows the scan complete regardless of the progress from there. I have set a seperate user on the workstations named bizhub with full access. If I take the fiery out of the loop and connect the copier with the standard controller, the scans work first try. I do need to update the firmware of the controller and the copier. I will try that next. I am still wondering why it would work on two of the systems and not the other two. Since the scans work with the fiery out of the loop, that rules out any login, path, firewall, etc. problem.i ASSUME ITS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SOME COPIERS AND COMPATIBLE WITH SOME.-------
Still i will get this checked by local copier repair expert in my area.As they will check the fittings and connections.If they are causing any problem.

One more new conversation:---------------
I've inherited a KM BizHub C450 with Fiery that I need to change the IP address on. I've successfully reset the Administrator password so I can get into the menus now, but when I get to the Network Settings menu the option 'IP Address' is not available. According to the manual, it should be listed here as option 8. I've poked and prodded my way into every other menu available, and there is nothing else in this system that would let me change the IP address to match the new network. Does anybody have any ideas?

You must set the ip-address on the Fiery Controller. Touch 'Controller Detail' and select 'Run Setup', the Fiery admin password is 'Fiery.1'.

Thanks a million for the help. I did get into the Fiery controller and change the IP address. I can now ping it on our new network, but for some reason I still can't seem to print to it. Would there be anything else keeping us from sending print jobs to it now? I've got user access control turned off and I deleted all the prior accounts.
Thanks for all the help!

you need to use IC-402 drivers (fiery)http://onyxftp.mykonicaminolta.com/download/SearchResults.aspx?productid=707&filetypeid=0&osid=3 not the Konicaminolta C450 drivers ,and you need to create a local network printing port with custom settings using LPR ,and the cue name PRINT give that a shot.

Thanks for the help with that last issue. That did the trick, and I got a couple of test pages to fire through it. Now all I need is some more black toner and it looks like I'm in business!
Thanks again.