Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Battery and Bake light ON

Mitsubishi Montero Brake and Battery Warning lights ON.

Testing shows Faulty Alternator causing these problem.

NOW after replacing the alternator the vehicle is not just just one click when key is turned on to start.


  • Battery and Brake warning light ON.
  • With new alternator vehicle just clicks and no cranking.
  • Bad Smell or rubber or belt burning.

Troubleshooting Details:----

If the alternator is aftermarket, there is a good chance it is your problem. Mitsubishi model does not get along well with aftermarket alternators as they usually last from a few days to a few months at best.
That's the difference between aftermarket and genuine branded parts.
Aftermarket parts are not bad parts,but there performance is weak as compared to original parts.

About the smell issue:---
It can be related to alternator or the other thing to be concerned about is the front camshaft seal.
These crankshaft seal is known to drip straight down onto the alternator, and especially in the case of aftermarket units, causing them to fail (in addition to smell) which is getting noticed.

Currently with no cranking, we can probably suspect that the battery was run down from the alternator failing.
Get the battery recharged or try with another working battery.OR the other option is to jump start the vehicle and see,if its running with Alternator and are the warning lights coming up on dash,which were coming up previously.

As per the details mentioned,it clearly indicates that problem is related to battery getting low and loosing its charge.The battery has lost its charge.Because before replacing the Alternator the vehicle was getting started with Battery and Brake warning lights on Dash.

It sounds like it could just be a case of a failed battery or even a loose connection on the battery cables (either at battery or alternator which is replaced).

If the battery is severely depleted, it will run on alternator power however the charging current will cook the battery (literally) and you will get a pungent burning odor as it pushes out hydrogen.

Getting both battery and alternator retested will help.


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