Saturday, October 6, 2012

Driver information center is not working

Driver information center not working has few possibilities.

It can be the issue with faulty blown out fuses.The fuses that controls the Driver information center module.

Or it can be the issue with module itself.

On some cases its faulty display tube,which has to be replaced.

But getting display tube is difficult.Some famous car junk yards can provide you,if available.But if its not there,then complete module has to be replaced and that costs approx $500.

For chevy silverado car models its DIC/ipc fuse. Check that fuse,whether is short/blown or its good.

On Oldsmobile car models

You have to first check the fuse in fuse box.If fuse checked good,then remove the DIC and check for power WITH A METER on Terminal 14 to ground ,it should be battery voltage [B+].
And same way Terminal 7 to ground should be B+.
Now set meter on OHMS reading Terminal 8 to ground UNPLUGGED on ohms should be 0-3 ohms.
If all these check OK, the DIC is bad.