Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Radio and A/C cutting OFF on Mitsubishi Eclipse

Random Electrical Malfunction on Mitsubishi


The problem noticed like ...............

while driving , the radio goes out, the heat/AC fan stops, the headlights and dash lights dim and the dash warning lights come on then go off then it all works again.

These problems are random and not permanent,someday all will work properly and suddenly next day all problem returns.

Troubleshooting :------------

First of all in such cases please notice that, while driving, does any warning lights come on when the rest of the problems are not occurring? Specifically the Brake, Battery, or ABS lights?

Do you have any battery related issues at all?
How old is the battery?
When was battery last time replaced?

IF the battery is very old,then it has to be replaced.Batteries when get old it looses its capacity to hold the charge and voltage drops.Due to these certain malfunction issues occurs.

BUT,if there is no such warning lights coming up on dash and battery is very much new and holding its charge properly then...............

FURTHER Troubleshooting:---------

AS its mentioned that electrical system gets random malfunction,like radio getting off or cutting off,A/C suddenly stops working,Headlights getting dim etc etc.

As per our garage repair experience, the problem indicates towards a faulty ignition switch.


The complete issue is related to random power drop.

The ignition switches in these( Mitsubishi)  cars are notorious for failure and can have identical symptoms to those you describe.

When the contacts become loose or burnt inside the ignition switch, it can cause random power drops. When these power drops occur, the most notable that people identify are the AC and radio cutting out. If the drop occurs for more than a split second, it becomes nearly the same as the key being turned off, just with the engine typically remaining running. Because of this, you will often notice warning lights on the dash and even dimming of interior and exterior lighting as the charging current cuts out with it and the lighting drops to 12V (from 14V normally).

NOW these concept changes if the brake/battery or ABS lights were consistently occurring prior. The reason for this is if the alternator is failing, you will often see these lights occur just prior to a circuit failure event like those you are experiencing.
The reasons we can fairly safely exclude this issue are that it is not consistent (sometimes the lights don't come on first), the radio is not typically affected, and the AC fan will change pitch but won't normally cut out entirely.

These confirms that the charging system OK and it just being the ignition switch like we normally see.

As per our garage repair experience these switches are extremely common to fail on this era Mitsubishi, and specifically on the Eclipse/Galant  frequently (as opposed to Lancer/Outlander switch failures that more often make it difficult to start).

The ignition switch will cost you about $50 at any dealership.


These switches are easy to repair.You will need some screw drivers.

  1. You will have to remove the steering column.The steering column cover is held on by Philips screws going up through the bottom. 
  2. Now once the screws all removed, the top and bottom halves of the column covers will unsnap from each other.
  3. Once the steering column is exposed, the ignition switch is on the left side of the column, directly behind the cylinder where the key goes it. 
  4. Now unplug the  large six pin connector aiming forward.Just pull it back to unplug the connector. 
  5. The switch is held in with a screw and then it can be slid out and a new switch slid into it's place. The screw holding it in requires a very small screw driver to access; if you do not have one, you can remove the lower dash panel that is in the way, which is also held on with Philips screws. 
  6. This will gain you more access.

But if you have small screw driver,then no need to remove lower dash panel.

At this point you are going to want to replace that switch and re-evaluate from there.

Please note,that if you have any kind of battery related issues then ignition switch is not faulty.The battery related problems like,no start,engine cranks but no start,battery warning light remaining steady on dash,battery is very old,battery not charging,or battery discharging overnight, etc etc.
Knowing that your battery connections are all tight, and you've had no other battery issues then its related to issue with ignition switch.

Get it checked.

These details will help.

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