Friday, October 5, 2012

2005 Ford Excrusion: Front A/C will not turn ON

Air-conditioner will not turn on

The vehicle is ford Excursion,rear A/c turns ON,but front A/c will not turn ON.

In such cases first inspect the fuses in the fuse box.The fuses are mostly the common possibility to get shorted in such cases.
But if All fuses checked ok,then continue further troubleshooting.

These types of problem are previously noticed and seen at out car garage.On that garage repair experience,i will share the possibility of that cases here too.

The details are as follows:----

If fuses are checked ok,then in most of such cases the problem is probably the bad ac control head (the part in the dash).
On such cases to confirm the problem , you need to do is remove it and check if you have power and ground at the connectors going to it.
As per 2005 Ford excursion wiring,you have to check the white/violet and the light blue/black wire with the key on for power. You should have ground to the two black wires. If all is good the control head is bad. This is a common failure on these trucks.


The procedure is simple,.

First of all you have to  remove the plastic panel that covers the dash. For that just tilt the wheel down and pull it loose. It snaps in. Once unsnapped disconnect any electrical connectors going to it and put it aside. You will notice 4 simple screws.Now take the 4 screws holding in the ac control loose and remove it. Now disconnect the wires and check them as stated in the above mentioned method.

These details will help.

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