Saturday, October 6, 2012

Nakamichi 6 disc in dash changer Stops at E-Mecha

Have a error on a nakamichi car stereo, e-mecha comes up when want to change a cd or eject a cd

Its not a problem.
In this case,you have to turn off the unit for few seconds then turn ON.

These is the basic working procedure of these cd-changer units.

Basic features of this unit:----
Digital SPDIF input. Two AUX inputs. CD changer control. Green lighting. 6 disc in dash changer.

To understand this units working procedure,go through this details:----

When ever this  cd player is turned on, the read head goes through a start-up routine by moving to a "HOME" position.If the head is settled somewhere else,while turned off,then when you turn the unit ON,the head comes first to its HOME position first.
This is common routine and these will be noticed  every time a CD is inserted or changed.
Actually when CD is inserted on changed,there is a small switch which gets pushed and this procedure gets activated.
The routine continues when a small switch is pushed by the motor assembly, indicating the motor has reached home.

But if you get E-Mecha displayed on your display panel.
Then this is indication ,that either switch is not getting pushed properly or the motor is not spinning right.

When the unit is new,the switch is very smooth,by time this switch gets dirty and gets bit stiff and requires more pressure to get pushed and operate.In that case the switch needs to be lubricated.This switch requires more force than it should typically to reach home. It requires replacement or lubrication or loosening, something to make it activate more easily.

The switch is not very powerful to get activated.On some cases its seen,that switch actually dont get properly pushed or activated,but it is SO CLOSE to activating every time,that  a small bump to the radio or dash housing will jar the read head, activating the switch. Radio will continue to operate normally.So some repair techs,tap on side of radio unit to see if the switch get jerk and radio gets started.On such cases the switch needs to be lubricated and refitted.


If the head is allowed to spin without hitting the switch for a few seconds, home is never reached and E-MECHA is displayed.
So the switch should be pushed and motor should spin and head should reach home position.
 Turning the radio off and back on or pressing reset clears the E-MECHA and the radio will again attempt to reach home.

These details will help.

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