Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dodge Coolant Temperature Sensor

Vehicle details

Make: Dodge
Model: RAM 1500 4x2
Engine: 3.9l

ECT sensor on a 2001 Dodge Ram pickup

It is located near the a/c compressor.Its bit difficult to see and locate.

Carefully  look at the intake manifold, it is located on the intake directly behind the alternator. Right where the heater hose is. Follow the wiring down to the sensor.
The space room to get the sensor out is very less.You need to get the Alternator off,if there is problem in removing the ECT out.

See the help diagram shown below:---

coolant temperature sensor

see below more help details and diagrams to get Engine coolant temperature sensor out.

Carefully see,
It is located directly behind the alternator.
To access the temperature sensor  you will need to remove the air cleaner assembly to see it. Look closely behind the alternator to see it

Procedure to replace the ECT:-----

Partially drain cooling system. Refer toCooling.
Remove air cleaner assembly.
Disconnect electrical connector from sensor

dodge ECT

  1. Please Note :---
    Engines with air conditioning: 

    When removing the connector from sensor, do not pull directly on wiring harness. Fabricate an L-shaped hook tool from a coat hanger (approximately eight inches long) Place the hook part of tool under the connector for removal. The connector is snapped onto the sensor. It is not equipped with a lock type tab.
    Remove sensor from intake manifold
    Install sensor.
    Tighten to 11 N·m (8 ft. lbs.) torque.
    Connect electrical connector to sensor. The sensor connector is symmetrical (not indexed) It can be installed to the sensor in either direction.
    Install air cleaner assembly.
    Replace any lost engine coolant.

These details will help.


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