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How to reset Oil Light On Car

Oil Light Reset As per Car Brands.

The Reset for Chevy, Cadillac,Ford,GM cars,Pontiac,Toyota

Oil warning light comes up on dash ----------

There is a reason why these warning lights comes up on dash.
These warning light indicates the driver to check the oil level in the car.
If the oil level gets low,the low oil warning light comes up on dash.On some cases its faulty oil level sensor.These sensor actually detects the oil level in the reservoir and signals the system about the oil level.But sometimes even if the oil level is full the oil warning light comes up.In that cases it can be issue with oil level sensor.At that time first the sensor needs to be cleaned and then checked.Sometimes cleaning the sensor helps to clear the low oil warning light.Sometime its loose oil level sensor connector.Removing and reconnecting the connector helps.

But on some cases the oil level is full and oil level sensor and its connector is good and still the warning light blinks.

OR else the oil warning light will not shut off even after changing the oil.

In that cases the System reset procedure has to be tried to reset the oil warning light on Dash.

Every car brand its own procedure to reset these warning lights.
On some car brands and model these procedure is very similar.

The Oil light Reset procedure mentioned below are tried procedures at our Auto repair garage on various cars of our customers.

OIL LIGHT RESET FOR 2006 Chevy Express Vehicle:----

Oil Light Reset Procedure For Pontiac Grand AM Vehicle:----

NOTE:--- The procedure mentioned below is same for Chevy and Pontiac Car models:-----

It is also mentioned in Owners manual of the vehicle.

The engine oil light reset procedure is as follows:----

1. Insert the Key in the ignition then turn the key to ON  position.
Please Note:--- The key should be on ON position and not the Engine start position.The engine movement Should be off.
2. Once that is done,Now completely press and release the accelerator pedal slowly 3 times quickly in five seconds. Don't take more then 5 seconds and don't press more then 3 times.
3. Once you complete the second step properly,the Engine light will start flashing.If the Change Engine Oil light flashes for five seconds, the system is reset.
4. Once these reset is Done,Turn the ignition  key to LOCK Position.

Remove the Key Out and Wait for 2 minutes.Then Re-insert Key and Turn to Run Position and see if the Oil Warning Light is Off or its still Flashing.
If the change engine oil light comes back on when you start your vehicle, the engine oil life system has not reset. Repeat the procedure. If it still does not reset, then its confirm problem with Oil System parts.Its oil level sensor or its connector,or wrong oil used or issue with oil pump or oil filter.

All these basic components needs to be checked,tested and inspected to confirm the Fault.


On some Chevy Car models there is a small Push button Near Steering Wheel or near Dashboard Panel.That Push button has Small oil/gas logo on it.Once the oil is changed,the Oil light should reset.But if the oil Light is not getting OFF then press these small button for 5 to 10 seconds.The Oil light will reset and warning Light will turn OFF.
If on your car model,there is such push button with Oil/Gas Logo on it,then try pressing it to reset the oil warning Light.

Please Avoid Pressing these push button with Oil level Low or very Less.
If the System gets reset with very low oil and you continue driving with less oil in the reservoir then major engine related issues can occur.



On ford vehicles there is a "Trip /Reset" button.
Once these "Trip/Reset" Button is pressed the System will Enter the Menu.Here you get a option to select.You have to press Forward arrow button and Select " Setup Menu Hold Reset" option.

Once these option is displayed on your Display screen.Then just press the "Trip/Reset" button Again for 2 to 3 seconds.Once you do these,another message will be displayed on the screen." Reset For System Check".
Once you see these message displayed,release the Trip/Reset Button and Again Press it quickly.
Now these time the screen will display  "100% oil reset" message on screen.
So then release the " Trip /Reset" button now.

Please Note:--- If you don't fill/change oil and just press these Trip/Reset button to reset oil warning light,then many a times system gets corrupted and major problems occurs.So when low oil warning appears on screen.Just change the oil and then try these procedure to reset Engine oil change warning Light.


On some car models there is a Button on Dash board.The Button will have Icon " I" or it will mentioned         " ROAD"  on the button.It can be either " I" or "ROAD" not both.

Once you see the button.Turn the car  ON.Then just press these button once,twice,thrice till you see oil life reset option on display.
Once you see Oil Life reset on Display.Press the "I" or "ROAD" button firmly, till the oil system gets reset.It will hardly take 10 to 15 seconds to get reset.
Once the oil light is RESET it will turn OFF.
So you release all buttons. Turn the key to off and Turn it ON.



On Toyota Prius its same as Ford Explorer and other Ford Vehicles.

There is a "Trip" Button on Dashboard.Just insert the key,and turn it to ON position.Then press the Trip button.Once,twice,thrice till you see "TRIP A" indicated on display panel.

Once the " TRIP A" is displayed then push the "PARK" button.
After that Press the "POWER OFF" button - Once you push the power off the car will completely turn OFF.
After that without wasting time  Press the "MPH/KM"( Mileage Per Hour/Kilometer) button on the dashboard. Press and hold down this "MPH/KM" button and with keeping these button pressed  restart the car by pushing the power on button.

Now Don't release these both buttons till the oil light gets reset.
It will take 10 to 15 secs to get reset.
Once the Oil light is reset,it will turn OFF.So then you can release Both these buttons.

Also see these help diagram mentioned below:---

Its the OIL LIGHT RESET Procedure From Owners Manual
oil light reset


These Basic details will help.

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