Friday, October 5, 2012

Whining noise on deceleration

The Vehicle makes whining noise during deceleration and shudder noise is heard with whining.

The vehicle is 2002 Ford Explorer with 130K miles.

At our garage we notice same types problems like.............

  • Diff whine during deceleration,
  • Whine during deceleration,
  • Differential noise,
  • Whining most loudly in 4th and 5th gears on deceleration,
  • Noisy rear end in deceleration,
  • Tranny whine when deceleration in first gear,
  • Deceleration noise in gear,
In such cases first get checked the transmission fluid level,if its low refill/change it.If its getting leaked,then get the leak issue cleared.
Also without forget get the T-case checked.If its not sealed properly,then get the transfer case resealed.

But if transmission fluid and transfer case basics are checked ok,then its the issue with rear differential mentioned as follows :---

The type of noise described is caused by the excessive lash in the ring and pinion and very common on the Explorer. Also as the vehicle is having  130,000 miles on it. So with so many miles,this issues and problems are very common. The cost for these repair done will be approx $1000.These price is consistent with removing the rear diff and replacing the pinion bearing along with the carrier bearing and let the repair garage  set the lash up correctly,without last being set properly,the issue of whine noise and shudder will not solve. . While they have it out,make sure they also replace both axle bearing as well.

These details will help.

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