Saturday, October 13, 2012

Noise coming from the throttle body

Noticed Whooshing sound coming from throttle body.

The noise many a times is heard while the vehicle is getting stopped.

To clear this problem,first try basics

Carefully remove air filter and clean the inside of the throttle body.Look visually for any damage or for any kind of metallic dist getting collected inside.

These dust many a times causes the noise.

But if all these basics checked ok.
Then its the same common problem,which is getting noticed by others too.

Recently one of customer who visited at our garage for same issue on his ford crew cab making whooshing sound and its coming from throttle body.

This is mostly caused by the weak/dirty or faulty IAC valve.This idle air control valve is located at the throttle body and intake manifold.
First of all check for cracks or splits in the fresh air hose going to it and replace if found cracked or split. But if hose looks intact and ok. Then  remove and clean the IAC valve and re-install  If still doing it, then at that point replace the IAC valve and this should clear the issue.

See the help diagram shown below:----
idle air control valve

These details will help to clear the whooshing and other basic noises heard from throttle body.


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