Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Central locking not working

AUDI A6 Central locking Not Working

the very first first thing to check are all the fuses.
The fuses located  in drivers side dash board panel.

If all fuses checked ok, then the next place to check is central locking control module, it is located under the carpet on the passenger side front foot well carpet. These control module controls both central locking and windows.
On many of such cases these module is  known to get wet and play up.

If it is wet then you have a water leak which is likely to be from around the pollen filter housing area.
Stop the water to enter that module. Clean and dry up the module and see if that helps, or else the module needs to be replaced.

Many a times water gets collected under front seat's and water needs to be  drained and  central locking module needs to be dried to confirm if its working after that.

For Same exact issue
VW and Audi models seem to have a common problem of plenum chamber flooding due to bad drainage design.There was also recall released by these manufactures.It was free part replacement recall in case of such problems faced by customers.

Get in contact with your vehicle dealer.

Please note there is plastic box, under front passenger carpet, take out, unplug, open clean with spray,also remove dust and water from electric parts, put together,and recheck.

In many such cases it helped.

These details will help.

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