Sunday, October 7, 2012

Landcruiser prado won't start

Toyota Model Landcruiser Prado vehicle will not start.

There are many types of no start issues which other Toyota users have noticed.
As we are from garage repair field.We directly deal with such issues.

I will share some of such issues with you,with there troubleshooting details.

The Problem noticed like

ISSUE 1:---

Landcruiser makes click click noise but will not start

When you turn the key to start the car the On dash ignition lights come on right but when turned to 'Start' just a click and then nothing happens.

In these types of cases first see if there is any type of warning light coming up on dash or not.
If check engine light comes up on dash and remains steady ON or remains flashing.Then this is indication of error codes stored in vehicles computer module.
The vehicle needs to be scanned for retrieving error codes stored in it.

But if there is no such engine light or warning light coming up on dash,then in that case the problem has to be traced manually.

On some cases with the above mentioned problem,the problem goes away if the vehicle is turned off and turned on again.

But in such types of cases the most possible culprit is faulty or weak starter motor and starter motor solenoid.
This issue is caused by crap/burning out of the solenoid contacts within the starter motor.And at last the click click noise is heard while start up.The starter motor and solenoid tries to engage,but because this components gets weak,it does not start.


In that case,you have to get the battery tested.There is a basic simple procedure to get the battery tested.

Turn the car off. Make sure all the interior lamp/ lights in the vehicle are off. If any light is ON then the power gets consumed from the battery. Once everything is confirmed OFF.Then start the battery test.
The battery surface voltage with a Multimeter positive on the meter to positive on the battery terminal & negative on the meter to negative on the battery terminal.
You should get  approx 12 volts or near to that.
If the voltage is too low or very low then its clear that battery needs recharging.
But if battery is very old then in many case the battery needs to be replaced.This is because old batteries get weak internally and don't get charge properly or don't hold the charger for longer periods like newer batteries hold.

ISSUE 2:---

Toyota Landcruiser Prado just cranks but will not start.

This problem says that everything is normal.The vehicle has power to crank the engine ,but its not starting.

In such cases mostly is issue is with weak or faulty fuel pump & Fuel filter.
When this components gets old,the required amount of fuel does not reach engine to get the vehicle started.The particular amount of pressure is required,to make the vehicle start.If the fuel pressure is less,the engine will crank,but will not be able to start.

On same problem with diesel engine vehicles the issue is with faulty or dirty glow plugs.Inspecting the glow plugs helps.

ISSUE 3:---

On one of our customers old model land cruiser.It was of year 1991 Toyota Land cruiser.

The vehicle was not getting started and no check engine light on dash.

The issue was faulty ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION RELAY.These relay got short and was causing the no start issue.After replacing these relay the vehicle started fine.
These relay is located in the fuse box under hood.

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