Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yamaha Jet Ski Boat Steering is Stiff?

Stiff Hard Steering On Boat

Yamaha  SX230 Steering is very Stiff?

In this case the Steering cable needs to be inspected.If they are dried out then has to be disconnected and lubed.

Steering cables do not have any points that you can grease them that will save them. You can only lubricate the exposed ends. 
Also another option is removing throttle assembly.
The throttle control assembly is actually really easy to remove to lube the cables and adjust the tension on the levers if need be.
If the cables are worn out,then replacing it is the only option.
First try disconnect and check that the steering head is free , if so then it is definitely the cables which can be inspected.If faulty replace,if dried out then should be fitted with grease nipple access points.

This details will help.