Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2002 Pontiac Bonneville: How to replace Turn Signal Bulb?

Replacing Front Turn Signal Bulb for Pontiac Bonneville.

Turn signal bulbs are very much necessary when the vehicle is turning to left or right.The turn signal bulb on Pontiac Bonneville is very easy to replace. In fact, once you know how to change it, you should be able to replace your turn signal bulb without turning to an expensive mechanic every time it burns out.To replace Turn signal bulb you need to pry the headlight assembly from the outside mounting pin with a screw driver.

Instructions to replace turn signal bulb

1) First remove the headlight fasteners.
2) Then with the help of  pry bar, gently pry in the center area of the headlamp assembly. Pry the headlamp assembly straight forward in order to unsnap the headlamp ball stud from the ball stud socket

See the diagram shown below:---
Pontiac headlight assembly

3) Once that is done,slide the headlamp straight forward and disconnect the headlamp electrical connectors from the forward lamp wiring harness.

4) Now Remove the headlamp from the vehicle.

See the help diagram shown below:----

Pontiac head lamp

5) Now replace the faulty burn out bulb with new compatible bulb and reverse the procedure.

This details will help.

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