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2004 Dodge town & country: Jerks and Hesitates During Acceleration?

Vehicle Jerks,stalls and hesitates during acceleration.
It also makes Loud sound while starting from Exhaust.

The Sound noticed from muffler while start up.

First of all i will say,get the error codes retrieved.Is there check engine light coming up on dash board.

If there is Check engine light coming up on dash,then it confirms that there is definite error code stored in cars computer system.
But in some rare cases,the check engine light will not come up on dash,but still there is error code stored in computer system,its called ECM or ECU.

To know what error code is stored in cars Computer system,a tool is required.Its called OBD II scan tool.But if you dont have this tool,then there is one more way.
ITS called manually way of getting the error codes retrieved.

The simple procedure is as follows:---

Cycle the key from off to on three times ending with it on and watch the digital odometer display. Please note,Don't crank the starter, just off to on. The codes start with a P and have four numbers, there may be more than one stored. When the error code is shown,it will show "DONE" on display.
If there are no error codes stored then it will directly shown DONE on display,after you try the procedure.

If there are any code stored and its retrieved,then this error codes will help you to confirm what the problem is,so you can continue troubleshooting in that way.

But if in case the ECM is clear and no code is set then on that basic,the problem which you are facing has few possibilities.

The details about that possibilities are as follows:----



On this issue with no error codes stored in cars computer system,there are a couple things that are most likely to be checked and inspected.

  1. One would be the EGR position sensor. On dodge town & country 2004 year model vehicle the position sensor is internal in the EGR valve and serviced with it. In most cases its seen that the sensor will fail and allow the valve to hang open when it should be actually closed and the engine controller still thinks it's closed. The engine can't tolerate EGR flow at idle or low speeds, so if the valve hangs open at these times then it will cause some hesitation and sometimes it can die at idle.Or you notice jerking and stalling issues. Replacement of the EGR valve would be necessary if the sensor has failed.In that case get the EGR valve and sensor checked.
  2. The other common problem that can cause this issue is faulty/dirty worn out  plug wires. The problem is noticed by others too.The plug wires on these vehicles had alot of problems with spark leakage to each other or anything they come in contact with. On this case There was also a service bulletin released by dealership service center for replacing the plugs, wires, and reprogramming the engine controller software for misfire concerns. I've routinely seen plug wires fail on these at 15,000 miles, but the replacement wires do last much longer.Always prefer to buy branded and reputable company parts.Aftermarket compatible parts are cheap but they dont last long.


There are a couple possible causes for exhaust being louder.

  1. It's possible that there is a leak somewhere, or the muffler issue.If the muffler is replaced previously and its a aftermarket product ,then this parts don't last long and this can be one sort of issue for such loud noise.The muffler is used to lower /lessen the noise from exhaust while start up.If its worn out/old then it can cause such problem. I would make sure the exhaust is checked out for any leaks. If there are no leaks but the muffler has been replaced with an aftermarket one then you could have a factory one installed if the noise is objectionable to you. 
  2. If there are no leaks,then get the noise inspected at near by garage.If they tell you that the noise is normal then try to compare it to another like van to see if it's the same or not.If another van is not causing such noise,then exhaust system and muffler component needs to be checked by professional.This issue definitely lying somewhere in between there.

This details will help.

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