Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tailpipe came off the muffler

Tailpipe came off the muffler will this affect the gas mileage.

No it will not affect.But if muffler is out,then it will affect the mileage.

Working of muffler is as follows:----
The muffler supplies backpressure through the exhasut pipes to the engine.
That gives some of the torque your vehicle has.
If the muffler is out then that will  cause some bogging down when trying to accelerate. Not having a muffler will make your car very loud. Also, if you have no muffler, you can expect to see a slight drop in gas mileage.

ON some cases its seen that,
The joint where exhaust pipe meets the muffler gets rusted completely, and due to these the muffler falls off.
And due to this the low fuel mileage will be noticed.
In this case don't sit in the car with the engine running for very long, and keep a window at least partly open. Low fuel mileage, because the backpressure of the exhaust is reduced, compromising efficiency which is desinged around particular amount of back-pressure.


The muffler's main function is to minimize noise from the engine. The exhaust manifold most likely dampens the explosions that naturally come from the piston holding chamber but as far as the function of the car (or truck) itself, it will not affect it. It may even enhance it a bit by letting it to "breathe" easier without having to pump its exhaust via the muffler.

Every cities have its own rule.It all deepens on that.In certain cities, you get caught by the police for having no muffler.As it comes under noise violations.
Exhaust emmanating from the underside of your vehicle might attract unwanted attention. Loud noise disturbs others walking and driving on the road and distract their concentration. It does get much louder as you put on more gas. As per California driving rules , a catalytic converter is mandatory and if it fell off too then you may be cited as a gross polluter.You get caught by traffic police.

These details will help.

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