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2001 Dodge Stratus Tie rod Arm removal from Steering rod/knuckle.

How to remove Tie rod end which is connected to Steering rod?

The most of cases which we have noticed at our garage in removing  the tie rod arm from the steering arm.The the ball part on the linkage arm on the wheel is very easy to take apart,but major issue is noticed breaking the threads loose on the tie rod arm that connects to the steering rod.

Its the Nut that gets jammed.And removing this jam nut becomes frustrating.But if you have all basic tools,then its not very difficult.
Its a proper do-it-yourself procedure.

If in your case the Nut is very tight and not easy to remove.
Then the first thing is to break the jam nut loose.
For your info the jam nut is the nut threaded on to the tie rod just behind the tie rod end. You can easily see it.

Most of  new self doers first remove tie rod end from steering knuckle then remove the nut.But actually its not needed.It's much easier to break the jam nut loose if you still have the tie rod end installed in the steering knuckle.
So if you have separated the tie-rod end from knuckle then i suggest refit it.If the threads aren't damaged then go ahead and throw it back in the knuckle and start the nut. It doesn't necessarily have to be tightened all the way.Just keep it bit connected.

Once this is done then break the jam nut loose. The nut has normal right hand threads, looking at it from the wheel well you'll turn the jam nut clockwise to loosen it.And counter-clock wise to tighten it.


Not any special tool is required.
But if you can use longer tools then its better.Because that gives you more leverage. For tie rod ends and jam nuts  use an adjustable wrench that's about 18". A longer wrench will obviously give you more leverage. If you still can't get it to break loose then you'll need to apply some heat to the nut.This will dilute the rustiness and make the nut fitting bit smooth to slide out easily.

Now once the jam nut is loose ,you can now remove tie rod end from steering knuckle.


Its not very hard.
You will need gripping pliers.large wrench,pipe wrench and heating tool(not required every time)

  • Hold the tie rod stationary with some Vise Grip type pliers.
  • Then grab the flats on the tie rod end with the large adjustable wrench, wrench, pipe wrench, etc. 
  • Now to remove it turn  counterclockwise to loosen and remove it. 
  • Please don't get confused.To remove the tie rod end nut you have to turn clockwise,but to remove tie rod end itself from knuckle you have turn it counter-clock wise.
  • If the tie-rod end is tight enough to turn.There here you will often have to apply heat to get it to break loose and come off. 
NOTE: This heating is not required every time.Sometimes they will come right loose and come all the way off easily, but very often you have to heat them to get them to break loose.

This details will help.

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