Friday, July 20, 2012

Alarm keeps going OFF

2006 Volkswagen Transporter Security Alarm keeps going off.
Is it possible to disconnect the Alarm System?

Yes its possible to disconnect the alarm.But i dont recommend you to do so.Because that will also make you lose other power operating systems related to alarm system.

First of all check the wiring running from alarm and running to alarm.Its a minor loose connection or wires shorting somewhere.

Its not uncommon on VW vehicles causing such problems.Transporters suffer with corroded wiring under the drivers seat at the "Convenience Control Module(CCM)".These CCM controls the alarm system.On these vans are there is a function equipped  called alarm trigger store, this is where , when the alarm goes off.
The CCM will store the error codes for why the alarm has gone off and what has triggered the alarm to activate.It will be 4 digit error code. This alarm trigger store can be acessed by using a VW diag machine.
I suggest you to get the CCM scanned by VW diagnostic tool. As there are multiple things that could cause thus issue on this van.
The 3 main issues which is mostly noticed is

  • They suffer with is corroded wiring under drivers seat,
  • Interior monitoring sensors if they are fitted
  • And defective bonnet latch and wiring ,

In case to stop the Alarm system if you disconnect the CCM  then you may loose other function on the van like the central locking, electric windows, interior lights etc,.
Also if you get the alarm horn disconnected then your indicators will still flash and cause the battery to run down,and finally drain it in sometime.
So to get completely rid of the issue.I suggest to get the CCM scanned these will point you in right direction.

These details will help.

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