Thursday, July 19, 2012

Volkswagen Fox Boot Lid Will not Open?

Boot Lid wont open on 2006 VW Fox

Its not uncommon issue.There are N-number of same issues noticed by others too.
The Problem:-
Rear boot lid not opening:---


There are a series of  problems with the rear boot lid not opening on the fox, they range from a new door lock barrel to the latch itself.


  1. To get the boot open you  to go in through the back seat .
  2. Then remove the trim panel on the rear boot lid.
  3. Once removed you will see the latch with a rod coming off of it.
  4. As long as this rod is still attached to the latch , pull on this rod and the boot will open.
This procedure will also give you access to the boot when its open,and let you  see what is happening with the boot latch and key barrel to see which part is not operating correctly.

Also for these same problem series of tech bulletins were issued.
The repair was free on that so it may be worth getting this checked by the VW Dealer, so you dont waste money trying to replace something that doesn't need replacing.

First try the above mentioned procedure and see if the boot lid is getting open.But if something is seen cracked/worn out or broken inside then get the inspection done by dealer.Most probably it will be free repair as per the number of service bulletin released for these same fault.

These details will help.

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