Thursday, July 19, 2012

Volkswagen Passat Door will Not Open?

2002 VW Passat Driver side door will not open.

Tried both inside and outside,but door will not open.
Central locking switch tested ok.All other doors work fine.
Tries manually with key but door will not open.


There are few things to be tried to take care of these issue.

  1. First  try  reset procedure.For that you need to disconnect the battery for 10 mins and then re connect like rebooting a computer.Then see is the drivers door started opening. 
  2. If this does not work then operate the key fob lock and unlock while banging edge of door below door handle on drivers door.As the door latch sits there.Try and free off door latch then try and open door.Try this step few times.
  3. But if this doesn't work.Then its issue with door latch.To confirm these you need to go inside car and remove the door panel from the inside and then remove the window carrier from inside to gain access to the door latch from inside the door.

Sometimes  you may even have to break the door latch apart to get it to release from the body of the car, its quite common for the door latches to fail in the safe position and give the issues that you have.

 Its the process that professional mechanics try  and get into the car on that door.
Not always but if you have to use last option then there is a possibility that some damage may occur in the process of obtaining entry to the door.But on some cases only the parts gets slight damage.Do it slowly and gently.

These details will help.

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