Monday, July 2, 2012

2002 Dodge PT Cruiser: OBD Error Code P0700 & P0725

Transmission won't shift out of second gear.Scan test showed error code P0700 and P0725.

Why error code P0700 comes up?

The OBD error code P0700 just sets in the engine controller when there is a code stored in the trans controller. The P0700 is only there so you read the codes from the trans controller and it turns the engine light on. The P0725 is the one that points to the actual problem.

What Exactly code P0725 points or indicates to check?

The OBD error code P0725 sets when the transmission controller (TCM) isn't seeing a signal from the crankshaft position sensor.

What is Crank sensor's operation procedure and where it is located?

The crank sensor is on the engine block and it's main purpose is to tell the engine controller (PCM) where the crank is in it's rotation and how fast it's spinning. Since the TCM also needs to know exactly engine RPM in real time, it also looks at the crank sensor's signal through a hard wired input.

SO,in this case should i replace Crank Sensor?
NO,If you aren't having any drive ability problems and there isn't a P0320 set in the PCM then you can rule out an actual failure of the crank sensor. If the crank sensor wasn't working the you would be losing spark.And in Error code scan,you should have got Error code P0320.

OK, So what is problem is my case and What test or troubleshooting should i do?

As per your problem description the possible causes for the P0725 setting are the TCM, which is possible but not that likely, or issue with wiring. Not Crank sensor but  the crank sensor signal wire between the splice and the TCM is open so the TCM can't see the signal. Which is quite possible.

As per my suggestion and recommendation .What would need to be done is test the wiring at the time the actual problem is noticed. If the circuit is open then either the harness would need to be opened up to find and repair the break, or the circuit could be hardwired and overlay the old harness, which would be quicker and easier.
But in both case first to confirm the issue,let the problem arise so once the transmission is stuck up in 2nd gear,then get the possibilities inspected and tested.

This details will help.

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