Thursday, August 4, 2011

won't pick up the top thread on Bernia Bernette Deco 600

  • Insert the needle correctly if the top thread breaks. The flat side should be towards the back of the Bernina. If the thread continues to break, reduce the tension on the top by choosing a smaller number on the control.

  • Pull the lower thread and feel how smoothly it pulls. If it pulls jerkily, the bobbin is positioned incorrectly. Re-position the bobbin and try again.

  • Regulate your foot pressure if the machine skips stitches. The foot switch causes the machine to run faster the more pressure you place on the switch. If the machine runs too fast because of too much pressure, it will skip stitches. On the other hand, irregular feeding can be caused by too light of a foot pressure.

  • Don't pull on the cloth if the needle keeps breaking. Make sure the needle is inserted correctly; if it continues to break, the flat side should be towards the back. Thread the needle front to back if the stitches form loops. Free jammed thread in the Bernina if it becomes clogged. Pull the end of the thread while turning the hand wheel backwards and forwards.

    I tried to adjust my needle..brought it a little lower didn't let it all go in like before and it worked with just that...thanks guys :)