Friday, August 5, 2011

How to replace ignition switch on Saturn sl?

Lock Cylinder Replacement - Ignition
Removal Procedure

If the ignition lock cylinder is replaced, the PASSLOCK relearn procedure must be performed.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Remove the lock cylinder bezel from the
steering column shroud by carefully prying with a thin bladed screwdriver.
Remove the shroud fasteners and remove the steering column upper and lower shroud panels.
Insert the key into the ignition lock cylinder and rotate to the RUN position. Then rotate the ignition cylinder back to the ACC position.

Depress the locking button on the side of ignition module assembly with a thin pick-type tool. Slide the lock cylinder assembly from the ignition module.
Installation Procedure

The actuator blade within the ignition module housing must be in the ACC position to install the lock cylinder assembly. If rotated, replace it to the ACC position using
needle nose pliers.

Insert the key into the ignition lock cylinder and install into the ignition module.

Install the steering column upper and lower shroud panels and the shroud fasteners.
Install the lock cylinder bezel.
Reconnect the negative battery cable.
The ignition switch in the 1998 Saturn SL is protected by the upper steering wheel column. Although activated by the ignition key, the switch is further down and provides electrical power to the starting system.

  • Align the steering wheel so the tires are straight and then remove the ignition key from the Saturn.

  • Remove the lower right side console trim panel to reveal the fuse box panel. The trim panel simply pulls off with a sharp tug. Locate the supplemental inflatable restraint (SIR, or air bag) fuse and then remove it with the fuse puller. Refer to the repair manual for the fuse schematics, if necessary.

  • Open the hood and then disconnect the negative battery terminal from the battery, using a ratchet and socket. Isolate the cable so the terminal does not come into contact with the battery post during the repair.

  • Loosen the four SIR retaining fasteners located behind the air bag module at the rear of the steering wheel using a ratchet and socket.

  • Remove the inflator module away from the steering wheel carefully. Disconnect the connector position assurance (CPA) device from the module. Disconnect the yellow SIR connector at the base of the steering column. Unplug the wire harness from the module and then place the module in a safe place away from your work space with the trim panel facing up.

  • Pry off the upper instrument panel retaining caps with a slotted screwdriver and then remove the trim panel retaining screws. Lift the trim panel upward to disengage the rear retaining clips. Disengage the front trim panel clips by lifting upward at each front corner. Remove the trim panel from the vehicle.

  • Disconnect the CPA device from the passenger-side air bag module and then disconnect the yellow SIR wire from the wire harness pigtail located under the passenger-side dashboard.

  • Disconnect the wire harnesses for the horn and cruise control (if equipped) from the base of the steering wheel. Remove the retaining clip at the center of the steering wheel (if equipped) and then remove the mounting nut beneath it. Pay attention to the alignment of the steering wheel locating notch for reassembly.

  • Apply the steering wheel puller to the steering wheel and tighten the center nut of the puller to draw the steering wheel off the column slowly. Tape the SIR coil into position to prevent accidental coil damage from occurring.

  • Remove the two retaining screws and then the upper steering column cover. Pry off the ignition lock bezel and then remove the two lower retaining screws and the lower steering column cover.

  • Remove the SIR coil from the combination module. Disconnect the CPA device and the wires from the combination switch. Remove the combination switch retaining bolts and then remove the switch from the steering column assembly. If necessary, remove the instrument panel trim covers and center console trim to access the switch fasteners for removal.

  • Disconnect the ignition switch connector and then remove the two ignition switch retaining screws. Disconnect the switch from the ignition module and then remove it from the steering column.

  • Reverse the procedure to reinstall the new replacement ignition switch.

  • For SL models without air bags, simply skip the steps that illustrate disarming and disconnecting them.

    switch removal 1. disconnect negative battery cable 2. remove the steering wheel 3. unplug the wires from the switch, remove the bolts and lift switch off steering column

    ignition lock cylinder removal 1. disconnect negative battery cable 2. remove the steering wheel 3. remove the knee bolster and steering column cover screws 4. separate the steering column covers and pull the upper cover up for access to the lock release tab 5. with the key in the acc position, depress the release tab, then pull the lock cylinder straight out and remove it from the steering column.

    After you have disconnected the battery, and opened up the steering column, put the key in the switch. turn the key 2 clicks to the right (acc position). Here is the important missing detail, Facing the switch, look on the right side of the switch housing for a small (round) hole. It will be almost exactly the size if a wire clothes hanger. Next, get a wire coat hanger and cut it 6" and bend it in half, (this may need to be adjusted). Insert the hanger into the hole. You will need to position the hanger under the back of the lock. once the hanger is under the back lock, you may need to turn the CYLINDER back and forth to get a feel for where exactly the release tab is, you will feel it as you apply downward pressure to the handle part of your home made hanger tool. Now SLOWLY apply upward pressure to the tab inside the back of the lock, and turn the key slightly counter clockwise as you do, pull straight out.

    There is one good video showing how to remove ignition switch.Click this link below and see the video:---