Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to replace slow jet/ main jet on 2006 1100 honda shadow?

Start with the idle mixture screws at 1 1/2 turns.
Turn a screw in & out to get the fastest/smoothest idle.
Re-adjust the idle.
Repeat the procedure on each carburetor.
If screws end up more than 3 turns out, replace the slow jets.
Its not very hard to replace jet, but it will take time, its not very easy but can be done, if you have proper procedure.--------
Please click this link and follow the procedure, this will give you complete description on how to do this:----

It was an Overwhelming SUCCESS!!.

I'm sure it took me longer than a real mechanic would have taken, but the job is done. I must admit, getting carb removed was a pain in the rear. Not much room to work the way the carb is packed in such a tight area. Lots of cables, fuel lines, and vacum hoses.

Anyway, once I got the carbs off, I popped the float bowls. There was no sign of varnish anywhere. Carbs were very clean for their age. Maybe the 3 tanks of gas and sea foam had something to do with that. Because of this, I didnt spend anytime disecting the carbs. I pulled the jets and gave those a good inspection. I didnt notice any huge buildup or blockage, but the pilot jet holes are so small, even if there was a blockage, it would be hard to see. I tried fishing a very small sewing needle through the jet, but it wouldnt go through either jet. Even though the needle was very small, I had a feeling it wasnt small enough to pass through the small hole. I didnt have anything smaller, so I flushed the jets in both directions with some spray carb cleaner until I had a good stream going both directions. I also left them to soak in some carb cleaner for several hours before I put them back in the carb. After sitting for a couple hours, I put them back in the carb, after checking a few other things like floats and needles function ok.

I think it took me longer to put it back together than it did to take it apart. Making sure I had a home for every hose and cable was the big thing. Once I got it put back together, I was a little nervous. Was there anything I missed? Was gas going to flow into the engine correctly? Did I get all my hosed connected to the right places. Once I got it all put back together it was time for pass or fail. I cranked it over a couple times and nothing happened. I cranked it over a couple more times and it fired up beautifully. I let it run for a few seconds and starting backing off the choke a little at a time until it was all the way. The choke was off and I had no popping and no hesitation. Smooth idle, and smooth running. I took it for a short drive and I cant believe how sweet that thing runs now. Its unblievable.

Anyway, thought I would let you know how it went for me. Doing this myself saved me about $300. I called a couple local dealers in town and had several quotes in the $250 to $300 range for the 2 carbs.

Actually i bought the new jets with me but , my old jets just came in use after cleaning, so i will keep new jets in spare, may be it will come in use.------- But i hope this cleaning of jet will last long.