Tuesday, August 16, 2011

vacuum hose diagram for Dodge RAM 1500 5.2 L?

There is a vacuum line harness located inside of the cab at the bottom of the dash close to the floor. I have a brown vacuum line about 9 inches long coming from the harness.-------------
the other four lines, red, black, yellow, and green.-----------

The brown vacuum hose goes to the defrost/floor actuator. The actuator has 2 vacuum hoses going to it, you may want to look closely at it.



green to the actuator over on the passenger side (recirculation)
yellow (panal/defrost) to the actuator just above the heat/defrost actuator
red to the end of the heat/defrost actuator
black to the other connector of the heat/defrost the other end of the black line is teed where one end runs to the harness, the third end runs through the wall into the engine area.

Place the brown line on the same actuator with the red line
The black is the vacuum supply line. I know that it does tee into the reservoir under the cowl area, but if there are any open black vacuum hoses under the dash they should just go to the switch.


The vacuum hose diagram for dodge ram 5.2L engine:---

Check this graphic for location...