Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to remove ignition switch and lock cylinder on Suzuki Forenza

First try this troubleshooting procedures and see if the key starts turning.The procedure is as follows :---=
This kind of problem is often the result of either the steering wheel, or the gearshift lever being under pressure. Because of that; even though the steering wheel seems to be stuck; the way to free up the key is to try turning the steering wheel in one direction; while at the same time you try to turn the key with your other hand. If it doesn't work when you turn the steering wheel toward one side; then try turning it toward the other side.

If turning the steering wheel doesn't work, then press on the brake pedal with your foot; while you try moving the gearshift lever with one hand, and at the same time try to move the key with your other hand. Just as with the steering wheel; try moving the shift lever both forward and backward.

A car can often get stuck like that, if the gearshift lever is moved into "park" without first setting the parking brake. What happens at that time is that if the car is on even the slightest incline, it will start to roll as soon as the driver takes their foot off the brake pedal. But, since it is in "park" the parking pawl in the transmission will stop the car from rolling. However, the transmission, and the gearshift lever will then be under pressure from the weight of the car, because the parking brake is not holding it. The steeper the slope on which the car is parked; the more pressure will be on the transmission and gearshift, and the harder it will be to turn the key. This is why, whenever you park the car; it is important to set the parking brake firmly BEFORE you move the shift lever into park.

If these steps do not work, and the car is parked on an uphill slope; I would suggest moving another car so that its front bumper touches the rear bumper of your car. If the height of the two bumpers does not match, you can put a spare tire between them as a cushion. Try using the car that runs to press against your car, and thus relieve the pressure of the weight of your car trying to roll back. While the car in the back is pushing on yours, release the parking brake and do not step on the brake pedal (so that the car in back can move your car ever so slightly). While the car in back is pushing, try turning the key. The driver of the car in back should try using different amounts of force, while you do this. They shouldn't have to push very hard, but it may take more force than a person could exert if they pushed by hand.

Alternatively, if you can get three or four people to push by hand, they could probably push as hard as is necessary, without having to use another car.


But if troubleshooting procedure is not helping then , its ignition switch/ lock cylinder problem.----------
You can get it repaired by local car garage or yourself.--------------
The procedure for removing ignition switch and key lock cylinder for Suzuki Fporenza and Suzuki Reno is approx the same.---------

Please continue reading and knowing the procedure.--------------



You would drill right down the center starting with an 1/8' drill bit and the going up in size.Once you reach the base of the cylinder it is easily removed. The drilling process can be a pain, you must stay accurate down the middle of the cylinder.

To remove most ignition barrells you need to be able to turn the key to a certain position and depress a button on the actual ignition barrell itself which will allow the barrell to be pulled free. If you cant turn the key you may have to remove the whole steering lock mechanism by drilling out the shear bolts and replace it with a new unit and then fit a new ignition barrell.