Monday, February 21, 2011

1999 Dodge Durango steering column squeaks when steering wheel turned ?

Dodge Steering Squeaks

Why Steering Column Squeaks

The steering column passes thru the firewall. There is a rubber seal/gasket down there that causes the problem some times. Use a little silicone spray and the problem goes away.In that case.

There are 2 possibilities:---
1) Either the wheel bearing is faulty or the
2) The steering column bolts are loose or internal bearing in the steering column loose/worn out.

This repair involves installing new lock housing attaching screws.
A squeaking/creaking sound may be heard coming from the area of the steering wheel while turning. The sound is associated with rotation of the steering wheel or may be heard while going over bumps in the road.


1. Start the engine and center the steering wheel.

2. Rotate the steering wheel to the extreme right and then to the extreme left while monitoring for the squeaking/creaking sound.

3. If a squeaking/creaking sound can be heard coming from the area of the steering wheel, perform the Repair Procedure.

5 06506514AA Screw, Non-Tilt Lock Housing


  1. Remove the three screws that secure the lower edge of the steering column opening cover to the lower instrument panel reinforcement.
  2. Using a trim stick or another suitable wide-bladed tool, gently pry the upper edge of the steering column opening cover. Pry just below the cluster bezel on each side of the steering column away from the instrument panel far enough to disengage the snap clip retainers from the receptacles in the instrument panel.
  3. Remove the steering column opening cover from the instrument panel.
  4. Loosen the steering column mounting nuts.
  5. Remove the upper and lower shrouds and covers (4 pieces)
  6. (Figure 1).
  7. Dodge steering column components

Steering Column Squeaking Problem Repair is divided into two parts.Part 1 is already mentioned above to be followed. For Steering Squeak Part 2 Click Here To Continue Reading