Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1988 Toyota Camry fuse box layout?

Toyota Camry Fuse Box

Most of the time when electrical problem occurs in the vehicles computer system.Its advisable to inspect vehicles fuse and relay components.

Every vehicle brand and model has its fuse box at certain location.To know exact location for 1988 Toyota Camry fuse box follow the fuse box details and diagrams mentioned below:

Dashboard Component Location Details For Toyota Camry Car Model

Toyota Camry Dashboard

Junction Box 1,2,3 And 4 shows What fuse and relay are located in each junction box.
Please view first image to see which junction box is located where in the dashboard section.

Please Note Junction box 2 is located under hood and not in the dashboard section.

J/B NO.1
Toyota camry fuse box and relay location
J/B NO.3 and NO.4
Toyota Camry Under dash relay

Toyota Camry Underhood Fuse box and relay


This details will help.