Monday, February 21, 2011

2004 Pontiac grand Prix timing chain removal and installation procedures?

Pontiac Timing Chain Replacing Details

Removal & Installation

5.3L Engine
  1. Remove the generator.
  2. Remove the power steering pump.
  3. Remove the coolant pump manifold.
  4. Install a J 42640 Steering Column Anti-Rotation Pin.
  5. Remove the accessory drive belt.
  6. Remove the air cleaner upper housing.
  7. Remove the engine mount strut. Refer to Engine Removal & Installation.
  8. Remove the starter motor.
  9. Remove the front fender splash shield.
  10. Remove the transmission bellhousing bolt located at approximately the 10 o'clock position when looking from the rear of the engine.
  11. Disconnect the transaxle cooler lines at the transaxle.
  12. Remove the stabilizer shaft link lower nuts.
  13. Remove the intermediate steering shaft pinch bolt and separate the shaft from the steering gear.
  14. Remove the front lower air deflector braces and the deflector.
  15. Remove the radiator to frame braces.
  16. Install the engine support fixture. Refer to Engine Removal & Installation.
  17. Raise and support the vehicle. .
  18. Remove the frame to body bolts.
  19. Install a flywheel holding tool to the block and flywheel.
  20. Remove the right front tire and wheel assembly.
  21. Lower the engine approximately 100 mm (4 in.).
  22. Remove the crankshaft balancer bolt. Do not discard the crankshaft balancer bolt. The balancer bolt will be used during the balancer installation procedure.
  23. Install a puller to the crankshaft balancer.
  24. Remove the crankshaft balancer.
  25. Remove the belt tensioner bolt and reposition the tensioner (which blocks the front cover bolt).
  26. Remove the oil pan-to-front cover bolts.

    Timing chain front cover and gasket removal

    Fig. Front cover and gasket-5.3L engine
  27. Remove the front cover bolts (501).
  28. Remove the front cover (502) and gasket (503).
  29. Discard the front cover gasket.
  30. Remove the oil seal, if necessary.
  31. Remove the camshaft position (CMP) sensor bolt and sensor, if necessary.
  32. Remove the O-ring seal from the sensor, if necessary.
  33. Clean and inspect the engine front cover.
  34. Rotate the crankshaft until the timing marks on the crankshaft and the camshaft sprockets are aligned.
    Do not turn the crankshaft assembly after the timing chain has been removed in order to prevent damage to the piston assemblies or the valves.
  35. Remove the camshaft sprocket bolts.
  36. Remove the camshaft sprocket and timing chain.
  37. Remove the timing chain dampener and bolts.

    Pontiac Crankshaft sprocket removal for replacing timing chain

    Fig. Crankshaft sprocket removal-5.3L engine
  38. Using a puller, remove the crankshaft sprocket.
  39. Remove the crankshaft sprocket.
  40. Remove the crankshaft sprocket key, if required. Clean and inspect the timing chain and sprockets.

For Installation Procedure Refer NEXT Part.