Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kia Doors will not open

KIA sedona doors will not open from inside.

On such case first inspect the interior door panel.
Remove the door panel and inside door lock/ unlock assembly has to be checked.

Why i am directly telling to inspect inside door panel assembly,because at our auto garage we have seen lots of such cases and problem is mostly traced inside the door panel.

First take the panel off and then take the door latch out and remove the part that controls locking and unlocking the door electronically.

To remove the door panel OFF,there are few help diagrams.
See below:----

To remove quadrant inner cover:----
kia door panel removal

Loosen the mounting screw, remove the inside handle cover.

See the door handle removal diagram shown below:----
kia door handle removal

View the location of screws marked on door panel from inside:-----
remove door panel

Loosen the door trim (C) mounting screws. Release the clips that hold the door trim, then remove the door trim by pulling it upward. Disconnect the power window switch connector (A), power mirror connector (B), and door courtesy lamp connector (D).

On many cases the problem is plastic lug.The plastic lug on the back of the handle gets cracks down or breaks, when 1st starting to break the door opens ok, but after full breakage it won't.

To confirm these problem,only one option ,it can be seen only by removing the handle fully from the door, then fix or replace and it's fine again.

Also issues are noticed on KIA Sliding doors.
The door will just make click noise but will not get open.

These is due to the door latch cable getting worn out loose or broken.

To correct this situation, KIA is replacing the sliding door exterior handle release cables with an improved version.


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