Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Location of Air Suspension pump

Air suspension compressor

For upto 1998 Lincoln car models  it is located on the driver's side fender forward of the left wheel, under the air filter, etc.
You have to remove the air cleaner housing, then remove a plastic cover to gain access to it.
Dont forget to remove the nuts, there will be 3 nuts on the under side of the fender that have to remove to remove the compressor.

For after 1998 and 2000 Plus model Lincoln cars it's under the Air Box. To access the pump,,you have remove the Air Box to access it, three bolts hold it in place, two of which are accessed from inside the Fender well.

On some car models Lincoln 1997 the pump is located on the front passenger side of the hood, behind the headlamp.

See the diagram shown below for air suspension compressor relay location:----

Lincoln compressor relay

the rear height sensor can cause this problem, if it is telling the air suspension module that the rear is already up, then it will not allow compressor operation, we need to see if that sensor is broken, or detached,

To perform these suspension height sensor test the rear of car has to be jacked up.