Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jeep Dash Board Display dying?

Dash Display Dying on jeep Cherokee

It can be faulty instrument cluster board or its issue with no voltage power supply the instrument cluster board.

Try these reset procedure.

Disconnect the battery for few minutes.Then reconnect battery and turn the car to start and see if display lights up or not.

One some cases these reset has helped,but the same problem continues after few hours of driving.on some cases these reset has not helped.

On most of such cases it was faulty loose wire to the instrument cluster board. Removing the instrument cluster panel out and reconnecting the loose and dirty wires helped.

But if all checked ok and still dash display comes and goes off then go to your Jeep dealer or a repair facility with the correct computer scan tools and have them perform a check of the Body Control Module (BCM).

Because as per the problem mentioned both instrument panel display and the overhead display are going down it may be that the BCM has a problem.
Get the vehicle computer module scanned properly,to if there is any error code stored and that is causing the problem.
If there are no codes present, then its faulty BCM. But before directly replacing BCM confirm the problem with BCM. To confirm the issue with BCM there is a test called Function test.
The function test can be performed via a scan tool. The function test allows the technician to command dash gauges and warning lights to cycle. BCM’s do fail and replacements are costly. You’ll want to be sure that there are no other system or connection problems before you replace the BCM.

These details will help.

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