Thursday, December 27, 2012

Is it possible for oil to leak due to faulty Knock Sensor


Its very rare for oil leaking due to knock sensor.

Common Causes of Car Oil Leaks?

Avenger Leaks oil while driving,mechanic suggested faulty Knock sensor ............

I doubt proper inspection is done, as per our garage repair experience,its very rare for such problem.

There's no way oil should be leaking from the knock sensor.

Why because?
The location of Knock sensor is under intake.
The knock sensor simply threads into a shallow hole in the engine block under the intake area.
And its a closed sensor.The end of the sensor isn't open, and there would never be any oil in the whole in the first place unless there was a problem with the engine block itself. If that was the case then the oil would be coming out from the sensor threads, not the sensor.
So first get the sensor threads inspected.If you notice oil getting accumulated there and then forming a leak,then its engine block issue,but not Knock sensor issue.Get help from another auto mechanic.

As per our car repair experience and dealing with such issues the problem in these case is the oil pressure sending unit.
Why oil pressure sending unit?

These has a reason!

  • The oil sender threads into the back of the engine block.
  • Like how knock sensor is close at its end the oil sender is open to a passage with pressurized oil to be able to monitor pressure. 
  • Why will oil get into knock sensor with out any engine failure issue noticed,but Oil actually goes into the sensor and presses against a diaphragm to create the pressure signal. 
  • As we at our auto repair garage have actually repaired and dealt with such issues.So on that basis i will say that, what actually  happens  is the diaphragm ruptures and allows oil to enter the sensor and then it will leak from the sensor's electrical connector. And these is what exactly happening in your case.
This isn't an uncommon issue.

Hope these details help you.


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