Thursday, December 27, 2012

Low Oil Pressure Issues On Jeep Grand Cherokee

Oil pressure getting low on Jeep

Replaced Oil pump,Oil sending unit,Oil filter and also the oil but problem is still the same.

After driving for few minutes the oil pressure seems low

the “check gauges” light comes on “no oil pressure” after it runs a little while it comes back.

As per our Auto garage repair experience i will share the troubleshooting for these problem

NOTE:--- The oil pressure gauge along with just about every part of your instrument display is computer generated. 

Many a times the actual problem is not there but you still get indication on dashboard about the problem.

That’s right it is not real. That is the result of a computers interpretation of data that is then displayed on the instrument panel.

As per our Auto garage car repair experience in these field i will say that only hard wired (stuff that is connected to what is it’s displaying) is the 4 wheel drive indicator, left and right turn signal indicators and the brake warning light.

As its already mentioned that all possible parts related to oil pump are already been replaced,but still the problem can arise.
An oil pump is a mechanical device and when worn, loose or with a restricted pick-up screen can be erratic.
But other then oil system related parts there are few other possibilities that can cause the problem .

  • The worn out engine bearings will cause low oil pressure.
  • A dirty oil pump will cause,low oil pressure issues.The oil pan has to be cleaned and the pick-up tube & screen are to be replaced with the new oil pump. 

as per the dashboard indication of Low oil pressure light, possible parts are replaced.
But  there’s a question of was the oil pump really the problem?
Well the oil pressure gauge said there was a problem. But was it?

If all possibilities are replaced but the problem is still there,then its issue with engine.Replacing an engine in today’s vehicles is big money and having that engine fail some place other than in a garage driveway causes more money and aggravation.

On such cases,its first suggested to get the oil pressure inspected by pressure testing tool.
Install a mechanical type oil pressure gauge. The type that has a line that takes oil right from the engine to the gauge for the pressure reading.


  • Connect the pressure tool device neatly for the long haul. Then drive the vehicle and compare the dash display oil pressure to the gauge pressure. 
If the external oil pressure measuring device is showing no loss of oil pressure,but gauges on instrument cluster showing drop in oil pressure then there is mostly  mechanical gauge over the computer’s interpretation.

If the oil pressure really does drop on both gauges, then you’d better be looking more closely at the engine’s lubrication system.
Because all other possibilities are already been replaced,so last option is engine lubrication and engine inspection.
One more thing i would like to point you is,about the parts,if possible always use genuine and branded parts.Also use actually recommended oil. Don't use non branded parts or low quality oil.

Because by using such parts,you never know,whether the problem is related to parts or its any other thing causing it.

Hope these helps.

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