Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jeep Oil pressure gauge reads very high

Oil pressure issues on Jeep

Oil pressure gauge reads high when engine is turned ON and comes to normal when ignition is off.

First understand its working:----

The oil pressure sensor in on the engine.

The oil pressure sensor receives the signal from oil pressure gauge.

Now when oil pressure sensor receives the signal it starts its operation.
The oil pressure sensor alters the electrical signal from the oil pressure gauge in relationship to oil pressure.

The oil pressure sensor has to deal will all  heat, cold and vibration. And due to these reasons it is not uncommon for the internal seal of the sensor to fail allowing oil to enter the electrical part of the sensor.
And due to these reasons.The oil really messes things up and causes the oil pressure gauge readings to become erratic and unreliable.
As per our Auto garage repair experiences i will say in most cases the fix is a replacement pressure sensor.

So first inspect the condition of the sensor.These will let us know the exact cause or problem.
If possible always go with branded parts compared to local cheap aftermarket Auto parts.

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