Thursday, December 27, 2012

Is my car having computer or Not?

Cars with computer chips

Old model cars were not having any kind of computers controlled system.But due to these lots of car  problem were very difficult to diagnose.
And in some cases it was very time consuming to locate the fault and resolve the issue.

Due to these problems,computer controlled systems were integrated in cars.

Its like PCM, BCM, ECU,ECM ect.

Power control module, Power train control module, Body control module,Engine control unit,Engine control module.

So now there is not a vehicle, passenger car or truck sold today in the US that doesn't have a computer.
In most vehicles there is a minimum of 2 computers. Your vehicle is of no exception and likely has computers.
With all of that computer type stuff, there’s a bunch of computer chips inside computer modules. You cannot replace the computer chips in the module. If the computer has an internal problem, it has to be replaced.
You cannot upgrade the chip,by inserting latest version chips in your car's old  computer module.If you’re looking to go with a high performance program, then you install another computer (which could be called a chip) right at the computer for the engine. Its called module.This module plugs right into the computer control box and the wiring to the computer is plugged into the module.
 Inside the module there is a certain program by which the car gets controlled. The car controls its electrical adjustments.Like speed control,Air control,Dash lights,Error indications on dash,temp control etc etc.
On some car models the module can be programmed to latest version,but on some its not possible to program the module,but replacement is the only option.
The program in the module modifies information to the engine computer to alter its performance characteristics .
There are software programs with hardware available that will even allow someone to reprogram the vehicle’s computer chips at the computer’s diagnostic connector. You can purchase these from auto parts store or from dealer.

These details will help.

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