Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ford F150 power window relay

Power windows not working

First check fuse, the big 30 fuse in the engine compartment. 

There is a relay in the fuse box under the dash that controls power to the windows, but it also supplies power to the door locks and radio. Are these two things working properly? 

If yes then relay is most probably ok.


There is a large circuit breaker in the fuse box near the center more towards the bottom. 
Pull it out and check voltage on both sides of the circuit breaker or you can pull it out, check voltage going to the connector (you will have voltage only on one side with it removed) and then check the resistance of the circuit breaker. Either way is good. This circuit breaker supplies the voltage to the power windows and the rear slider only.


The voltage should pass through the circuit breaker into a light blue/black wire. This wire goes to each of the window switches and the rear sliding window switch. If you have voltage on both sides of the circuit breaker and nothing at the switches, then you will need to check for an open in the circuit. The wire goes into the fuse box through a 6 pin connector. Make sure all the connectors are seated in the fuse panel.

Also check ground connector for the system

The connector is located behind the right side kick panel ( the kick panel is the panel your right foot would hit if you where sitting in the passenger seat ) remove that panel and you will find some wires bolted to the body .

See the diagram shown below for its location:----
The connector you have to view is G-200

ground wiring connector

See below the relay location and its wiring

You have to also check ACC relay.

That is accessory control relay of your vehicle

On the interior fuse panel there is a relay called the ACC DELAY RELAY--- its the bottom one ( see pic)

ACC relay ford

What you have to do is remove this relay ,and look at the bottom of the relay ,,,there are numbers next to each pin on the relay like 85.86.87 and 30 .

You will have to remove relay and apply jumper wire to by pass the relay and then see,jump wire pin 30 goes into the fuse panel to pin 87 goes in the fuse panel ---this will bypass the relay ---then test your windows and see if there is a difference

See below wiring diagram 

power windows wiring diagram

If you jump the relay and windows work then its issue with relay and replacing the relay will help you.

One more thing,there is one more relay to be tested .............
The relay above the ACC DELAY RELAY is the ONE TOUCH RELAY ,,,,this relay is for the driver window going down, and its the same type of relay -----take that relay out and switch it to the ACC DELAY RELAY spot ( now this will make the drivers window not work ) but test the passengers side power window ,,and if works great then its confirm that the ACC DELAY RELAY is bad .

If you get no power at ACC relay then there can be issue with battery saver relay.

As i have provided the relay box panel diagram above,just take  look of the pic of the fuse box---the battery saver relay is the second relay down ---the battery relay powers up the acc delay relay ---so now we have to jump it ---remove the battery relay and look at the bottom of the relay it has numbers on it like 1,2,3,4,5,---- jump pin 3 to pin 5 with your paper clip and see if ACC relay gets power and windows start operating.

But if all checked ok and still windows not working then problem is with GEM module.

It has to be replaced.

Also in the engine compartment under hood check the fuse 

put all relays back into place ---now open the hood and find fuse 25 in the fuse box ( see pic)
wiggle this fuse -move it around -while someone operates the windows and see if it clears up -

ford under hood fuse box

Also view the wiring diagram for under hood engine compartment components 

fuse box wiring diagram

These details will help.

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