Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Headlight Assembly Removal On Honda Accord

Please Note.To remove headlight assembly the Front bumper has to be removed.

The procedure for 2001 and 2002 Honda Accord.
Also view this For complete procedure to remove bumper and headlight assembly,follow the procedure below:--------

The front bumper needs to be removed to replace the headlight assembly. Here's how to do it.

There are four bolts behind front bumper that are visible through the slots in the bumper.

Loosen the bolts from behind the front bumper with a socket wrench, and remove them from the bumper.

The diagram will help you to locate screws and fenders

Honda bumper replacing diagram

Also remove the screws in the wheel well.This screws hold the bumper to the vehicle frame on the same side as the headlight.
Remove all  the screws that are holding the bumper to the frame, using a screwdriver, so that you can pull the bumper away from the headlight.
see one more help diagram

To Remove the front bumper to access head light assembly
Disconnect the connectors (Marked as A).
Remove the 5 mounting bolts (Marked as B), then remove the headlight assembly which is marked as C.
remove front bumper

Once the bumper is removed you will remove three 10mm bolts from the brace on the bottom then the two 10mm bolts on the top. Once unbolted disconnect the bulb connectors.

This details will help.

For help View the details here:-----------

Honda Headlight Assembly Removal