Sunday, June 10, 2012

OBD Code P0440 and P0441 on Chrysler?

In ECM scan test,you receive Error codes stored in Vehicles computer module.

In case of  P0440 and P0441 OBD error codes.
This both P-codes are are directly related.
The P0440 is "General EVAP System Failure" and the P0441 narrows down that "general" failure to a problem in the EVAP Purge System.

In this case ........
There are a couple of things that can set a P0441.

  • First is the EVAP Purge Solenoid. 
To troubleshoot this problem.Carefully inspect the vacuum lines to the solenoid for any cracks, holes or loose/missing connections. If the visual inspection checks ok, test the solenoid for functionality. If the Purge Solenoid checks ok, the Leak Detection pump will need to be inspected.

Again, check for any visual defects with the vacuum lines and test the pump for functionality.

Also view this help diagram shown below for appropriate part location to do inspecting and testing.

EVAP purge solenoid

Also see this complete part assembly

fuel lines and leak detection

This details and diagrams will help.

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