Thursday, June 28, 2012

2006 Chrysler 300c: Shifter Stuck in Park?

Will not Shift to drive,shifter stuck in park.

Most probably its internal problem with shifter assembly.
To confirm the issue.Try this basic test procedure:-----

  • Start the engine, press and hold the brake and see if you are able to move the shifter over slightly to the right. If you are then you know the brake/shifter interlock system is working ok.

In Most of such cases the  problem was noticed with  internal in the shifter.
There is a spring loaded plastic arm where the ignition interlock cable attaches and this arm will often break and prevent moving the shifter from park because it doesn't know the key has been turned on.

This is common problem and there was a recall that affected many vehicles.
If yours is covered under the recall then the repair and tow will be free at your dealer.So first confirm the issue with your car dealer and get details about this problem recall.

If yours isn't covered then you or a shop can disassemble the shifter and replace the interlock arm, there is now a repair kit and it runs about $7.
So if its not covered under recall,then also the repair for this issue is not very costly.

This details will help.

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