Sunday, June 17, 2012

2003 Pontiac Grand Prix: Erratic Fuel Gauge?

The Fuel gauge goes crazy and fluctuates up/down.Gauge goes erratic.

In this case first see the fuel in the tank.If the fuel level is low,then get the fuel filled at nearest gas station.

But if the GAS Tank is already full and you notice this frustrating problem then,
This is the same common problem for GM vehicles.Which many other GM car users are also noticing.
 As per that it sounds very much like the Fuel Level Sensor is going to be the culprit.
For your car model the fuel level sensor is located inside the fuel tank.
The sensor is mounted to the side of the Fuel Pump Assembly. To replace this sensor,there is an access door located in the trunk, under the spare tire.
Instead of replacing the sensor directly carefully inspect the electrical connector and harness going to the top of the fuel pump assembly for any loose, broken or damaged wires. If the visual inspection checks ok, suspect a faulty Level Sensor.It has to be replaced.
See the help diagram shown below for parts location :-----

Pontiac fuel assembly parts

Please buy branded parts.They are costly but they give accurate performance and last long.Non-branded parts are cheap considered to branded original parts but many a times this local parts dont get detected,and you carry on replacing some other working parts.And at last one problem,gets to multiple issues.

This details will help.

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