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2007 Dodge Caliber: Low Beam Headlight Not working

Solution For Low Beam Headlight Problem

The right side low beam works,but left side low beam is not working.

The low beam bulb is tested good.The left side high beam works good.

Only left side low beam not working.


In this case it can be faulty bulb plug in the socket.Inspect the plug in the socket.Each plug has 3 wires.There are 2 bulb sockets.Check both sockets with a meter and you should get  11.4v to 12.0v on each outside wire and a good ground on the center wires.If you have this tested ok then you are sure that there is voltage and problem is with main module.
But if there is no voltage to this wires then issue with short in wiring.You have to rewire from main module to the socket.

The module which controls this light and light gets command from this module.Its called TIPM.
The TIPM is the module/fuse box under the hood (TIPM stands for Totally Integrated Power Module). It's the back plastic box  located up in the left front corner of the engine compartment. Mostly you have seen it but probably not familiar with the TIPM terminology.
Here is what the details below will make you understand its working theory.

  • What voltage you're seeing on this wires is diagnostic voltage. It's put out on the circuit by the TIPM (module/fuse box under the hood) to check for open circuits. The presence of the diagnostic voltage there tells you that the wire from the TIPM to the bulb is good. There is diagnostic voltage on all bulbs at all times no matter if they are turned on or not, you would see this voltage everywhere.

  • Diagnostic voltage has no current and won't light any light bulb, so testing of these circuits could only be done with a test light. A voltmeter will show you the diagnostic voltage, which is good in it's own way - if there is diagnostic voltage there then you know the wire is good.But to make the bulb work,the TIPM should work.

  • Since bulb is good and tested OK/working in other socket.And now diagnostic voltage test shows wire is good.So as per this  the problem has to be in the TIPM. 

In this case the first thing I would recommend is disconnet the battery for a couple minutes.

This is a system reset procedure.The cars computer system gets reset every time the battery terminals are disconnected.
If the TIPM sees current draw go too high on a circuit it will set a fault code and disable that circuit. Disconnecting the battery would clear any fault codes in the TIPM if they are set and may restore operation of your headlight.

If  system reset procedure is not helping.Then you are confirmed that problem is in the TIPM, the low beam driver has failed. The TIPM would need to be replaced if that's the case.

The TIPM is a costly part.It will cost Approx $800.
There are two possible TIPM's for your vehicle and it will need to be ordered by VIN. The part has to be ordered by dealer.There are few auto parts store which deals in such parts.But i suggest you to order the part by dealer.i agree the part is costly at dealer and cheaper at other auto parts store.But at dealership you get original part and its actually for your car brand model.
but if you are getting Aftermarket part with good warranty and its working good,then you can order that too.

This details will help.

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